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  1. I posted this because, I don't want other brides to go through what I'm dealing with. Since my last post I tried to track him down he took down his facebook page, but not his website so I know that he is still working in Mexico. I've sent him several emails, but no response what so ever from him, my husband even got involved in the emailing process... I did not take wedding insurance to answer your question nor do I know if it would have helped in this case... It's difficult to track a person down in Mexico , I don't know how much it would cost and time it would take . So at this point i'm counting my losses and have no wedding pictures to remember my special day. But I'm happy if I can save one person from making the same mistake that have made almost a year ago; please pass the work around to your friends and family member "DON'T USE ALL-ABOUT-PHOTOGRAPHY!" STAY AWAY FROM PETER MILLS HE IS A BAD BUSINESS MAN!!!!
  2. I agree with you , his turn will come for being so unprofessional and a for stealing my money ......
  3. Sorry for the late reply, i haven't log on since I wrote the review... I still upset it has been almost a year now and still no pictures!
  4. I got married in December 2011 at Beach Palace Cancun, I choose not to use their photographers for all of my photos and am glad that I made that choice! However I hired Peter Mills from all-about -photography paid him all the money up front , he seemed very professional , arrive on time to both events that I had planned my dinner party the day before and the wedding. It has been 9 months since my wedding and I still have't recieved my pictures nor a call or email from Peter! He promised me that my pictures were in the mail, but could'nt provide a tracking # and that was twice. Since then I emailed him , and he doesn't reply! My advice to brides please stay away because , I'm out of my wedding pictures and money !