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  1. Does anyone know the measures of the round table that is used in Moon Palace for outdoor/indoor receptions? I am looking forward to buy my own table runners and sashes , but I am not sure the measures for the table runners... I am looking at this page: http://www.tableclothsfactory.com Is there any other place online recommended where I can get them?
  2. Thanks for the update!!, could you please forward me the menus they sent you? dicatelo@hotmail.com, Thanks in advance!
  3. or Which vendor did you use? or liked the most? Did you use an outside vendor? which one?
  4. Girls, I am trying to decide between using MP vendors for audio : JSAV vs. PSAV, I found that PSAV is a little bit more expensive than JSAV, but a friend told me they have a very good DJ with lastname Coelho. HELP!
  5. Yay!!! I'm glad to hear/read that you are from Mty! too , do you have the pdfs of menu? or any other info in PDF that the coordinators sent to other brides?
  6. Thanks Coconoir!, I read the review of your wedding and I loved the DIY projects, you're my source of inspiration!
  7. Hello Girls!! I am sorry that I didn't introduce myself before, but I was too busy reading/stalking all the 500+ pages of this thread lol! I am a MP 2013 girl, I'm getting married on August 2013! I am from Monterrey, NL, Mexico, so I am very happy to hear that you are deciding on getting married in my beautiful country There's a lot of planning ahead! and this forum its been such a great help! I love all your DIY projects and cannot wait to start my own DIY projects! I would like to ask you girls for some little help, please mail me any PDF/file related to Moon Palace as I cannot open any document posted here :'( and I would like to start knowing EVERYTHING so I can to make the best decisions Thanks!!! Diana
  8. Oops, sorry I thought it will post right under the post I read, but I am a newbie, and got it wrong Lol... There are some PDFs that I would like to have if someone has them: Buffet Menus for reception Also the menus for the cocktail hour Beauty Salon prices Optional services They are posted here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/a/moon-palace-resort-information-wiki But I cannot open them :'( Thanks a lot in advance!!!
  9. Could you please send the file to me? I am not able to open it my email is dicatelo@hotmail.com Thanks so much!
  10. Hello Girls, I'm new at this forum and I am also getting married at Moon Palace next year, , Last may I visited the resort and took some pics of the locations they offered us. I'm posting some pics of the Chapel Inmaculate Conception so you can have a better view of this location: This Chapel is located at Nizuc area but its very near from Moon Grand too: This is my favorite pic Ok, thats it, this is my first post so I hope it posts correctly lol, I'm also reading Moon Palace 2012 Brides thread, but Im starting at it and there's a lot of information and pages there lol.. See ya, Diana
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