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    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    I will keep my eye out for them also.
  2. I am sure you will find plenty of information. Happy planning.
  3. jessipeters

    Caribbean Wedding-St. Thomas

    Wow, St. Thomas sounds amazing. Happy planning.
  4. jessipeters

    Doing everything wrong?

    I agree. You are not doing everything wrong. I think there is too much pressure put on brides to do things a certain way. The way I figure, your wedding, your day, your way.
  5. Sophie, I love the picture of Paris that you have for your profile picture. Welcome, I am sure you will find the things you are looking for in this forum.
  6. jessipeters

    Share your Etsy Finds!

    Bride Hangers - WE got these and they are awesome.
  7. jessipeters


    Hi. I am really excited to be here. We are getting married in two weeks, and only found this forum now. We are getting married in Cuba at a private estate on May 12. 2012. Jessi
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    This is a review of:

    Nora & Chris Photography


    Pros: LOVE MY PHOTOS!!
    Nora and Chris shot our wedding, and it was one of the best things I did for our wedding.  We knew we wanted amazing photos and when we saw Nora and Chris' work, we knew they were going to be our wedding photographers.   They were worth every penny, I swear.    They both showed up to our wedding, dressed really nicely and professionally.  They stayed with us the whole day and made everything work seamlessly.  Really, they were a really big part of our wedding day magic.  Nora is really funny, and Chris is too.  They both made us comfortable, weren't afraid of trying new things and our photos turned our AMAZING.    I would recommend these two for any photography job.  They did an awesome job on our wedding, and they far exceeded our expectations.   I hope that every bride experiences what I did with these two.  They work really well together, and we had a chemistry with them.  They got along great with our guests and were really accommodating to take the time to get the photos that were really important to us.