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  1. Brushing/swallowing was supposed to be brushing/showering! sorry!
  2. Hi everyone! I am back too! (less than a week ago we returned) I have yet to write my review as I just can't seem to get the motivation to sit down and do so but will soon. Anyway, I wanted to give you all my 2 cents on the diarrhea issue. There were a lot of people in our group who had intestinal issues at Now Jade, including me. Mine only lasted a day and was never horrible but I took immodium right away and just 2 pills the one time and was fine the rest of the trip and at our honeymoon resort (royal playa del carmen) as well. My fiancé never got sick, but probably a good half the group of 30 people were having problems. I drank the water in the restaurants unless it had the smell (you'll know when it's tap water believe me!) and brushed my teeth with the water but never swallowed any water while brushing/swallowing and my fiancé did the same as I. I swear the intestinal issue is coming from the pool bar glasses in that non sanitary bucket of grossness. Everyone who spent a great deal of time there drinking mixed drinks (i.e.) not from a can) got a little sick. It was never anything that isn't to be expected when traveling but still not fun. Germs in an resort like that can spread like wildfire and I honestly feel like that's where it came from. We mentioned it to them when we checked out so hopefully they will do something about it if enough people speak up.
  3. Hope everything goes perfect for you!! I will possibly see you Friday (we arrive in the morning) or at some point while we are there!! so excited!
  4. Everything is going wrong, but they say bad things happen in 3's so maybe this is it and Mexico will go amazingly well w/no problems! We lost a groomsmen to the navy/Afghanistan last week, my dress still isn't done, has to be taken in in the hips because its ginormous still, and my last minute addition bridesmaids dress is still not in (supposed to be here Thursday). On top of that my newly pregnant bridesmaid just picked up her dress and it doesnt zip anymore. Ugh, I need some wine, and some sleep. Can anyone else barely sleep!?!
  5. We are doing our honeymoon at The Royal PDC, can't wait!!
  6. I definitely worry about the dirty glasses situation as well, and personally I agree with Tova and think we should post it on their wall, maybe that would draw more attention to the issue.
  7. Thanks for this I know everything will work out in the end, hopefully! I am just so busy this last week and next (as you are as well I'm sure!) that its hard to fit in another fitting, it better be perfect! Otherwise I sense a bridezilla moment coming! Haha
  8. Went for my final fitting on Monday...expecting to take the dress home and it was way too big! So now it needs to be taken in again!! I feel like I haven't lost they much weight since my last fitting but apparently I had. And my dress has a lace up corset so I didnt think this would be a problem at all. So now we leave in about a week and I still don't have a dress in my possession...slightly freaking out.
  9. Ugh, I've got a million things going on too. Not to mention my fiancés parents have decided they are in fact going to the wedding now, and let us know less than 3 weeks away when I already had guest list related things done. Glad they are coming, but I am so over it. They said they would love to go initially, booked, then unbooked, then put a deposit down again, got that back and changed their minds, and now are going. Don't even ask, I don't even know! So aside from that I just have the normal stuff, final fitting Monday morning, tying up all loose ends like music for reception, figuring out packing wedding decor and items, making these stupid aisle runners I decided would be a great idea but they really weren't at all, etc...we leave 2 weeks from today! I want to lose a couple more pounds before we go too and I barely have time to work out anymore, so who knows if that'll happen! I'm just ready to get there at this point I just need a vacation!
  10. I am wearing a waltz length veil (about calf length). Who knows how I will handle it with the wind...that's one of my worries but I hate the look of those veil weights so I'm gonna wing it.
  11. We are just doing a card box for the AHR, we told people no gifts so I feel like it sends the wrong message. I'm sure people will bring cards but they can just go on cake table/next to guest book, etc. not gong to worry about bringing a box for them.
  12. You can totally do a French mani/pedi, mani is on the cheaper side a shellac pedi is a bit costly but waaaay worth it for vacay.
  13. Never more of an opinion than needed, I am OCD about anything beauty especially when it comes to wedding day look, I've been stockpiling high end wedding day makeup for the makeup person to use since I am such a brand snob!! I think I will stick with the resort and if I hate it I will be bringing a backup opi color I like and they can just do a regular mani with that I suppose? I have had shellac chip on the corner/edge once or twice and would die if that happened before the wedding.
  14. literally ditto almost your entire post! I saw you're doing the gel mani/pedi before you leave which I am planning on doing as well but was thinking of doing just the pedi before and getting my gel mani there. What do you think about this? I asked the salon if they have the gel and they said yes so I figured I would wait so it would be fresh/no growth but now I'm wondering if I will be stuck with no color options, etc.
  15. I am in the process of working out bridesmaids bouquets (which will double as centerpieces) with floreria riviera based out of Cancun, they are delivering and I will have someone meet at front.
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