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  1. My colors are the tropical orange and hot pink I have a huge not beach type dress lol. It's sweet heart neck, mermaid ans has big huge ruffles, I also has a crystal embellishment on the side that looks kinda like a starfish. It's a allure gown. I have 6 girls. 3 of them being my sisters And he has 4 guys he is a only child so there all his friends and cousins They sell waterproof cases on that site, http://www.specialistid.com/Multi_Card_Clear_Rigid_Water_Resistant_Holder_p/1840-9000-fslash-wph-1.htm There a pretty good price!!! When I ordered from them my items came in 3 days, but I order all of my stuff to my US aunts house in mich I really wanted a parasol to stencil "thank you" on for pictures but I found them on orential trading for$ 30 for 12 of them lol I don't need 12 I have just decided that the tote bags I bought for the ott are wayyyyy to big for the few items I have to put in them. They look stupid. Ahhhhh Where did you get your bags?
  2. We actually have 49 people coming so I think that's a great turnout, way more then I expected, especially with the price. About town? I have never heard of that bus company before? How many passengers does it hold? Man we paid like 3700 dollars for a stupid greyhound,I thought i called all of the us company's but guess I was wrong. Our BC guests leav on the 22nd as well and flying to Toronto to catch our 11am flight out. As far as right now I'm not doing centerpeices, I got a quote on there "low" orange and pink flower centerpiece at 88$ per one!! As if. I have 6 tables. So I am renting special "glow tables for 88 a piece instead lol. They are illuminated from underneath. We will probley just end up using the girls bouquets as centerpeices. Look into e real touch calalillies while you are a hobby lobby, there great. FML these OTT bags. I have decided to finally crack down and start assembling these, what a nightmare lol Bag- women's shelter donation bag from Rickis clothing Mug- dollar tree US Survival kit (dollarama- tums, kleenex, moist wipes, (dollar tree US- Advil, hand sanitizer, Indivdual wrapped floss, drink mix, (online- aloe, Laynads with key card holder speciastID.com Playing cards dollarama Wet bathing suit bag Le vie on rose Cute leopard print loofahs dollar tree US Decided not to do Chapstick ppl won't use them and they are a pain to customize. How did you add qtips? Like just loose into the first aid kit or are they wrapped? Im sure I'm missing something. Good idea about the booklets! . I'm doing a welcome card for everyone. I just sent out brochures with all need to know information over the Easter weekend. Now I'm working on the wedding music playlist :eek:
  3. -Yes we are flying from toronto- on sunwing! -Yeah we are doing a huge AHR June 29th, my FI owns Festival tent so obv we are doing it in a tent in her nice backyard so were saving alot of money that way, i kinda wish i hadnt taken on so many events between my shower stag wedding and then AHR i am totally done with all things wedding lol - We have 37 people coming with us from windsor so we splurged and rented a greyhound to take us to toronto and then home again, its like a thank you gift to everyone thats coming, pshh but we also doing OTT bags and wedding reception favours so they are geting tons of gifts!! - we also have 13 people coming from B.C so its going to be a huge amount of plane taken by our wedding guest lol im so excited its going to be great!, everything is finally coming together. - are you getting your centerpeices from the resort?
  4. I have herd most people are getting them from http://www.specialistid.com/Clear_Vinyl_Badge_Holder_with_Zipper_Horizontal_p/vbh-h-zip.htm Mine are in the mail now.
  5. We leave on the 22nd. And are staying for 2 weeks. my house and dining room table are a total disaster!! I think I took on too much! These OTT bags and crafts are going to be the death of me lol Do u alreaddy have your bouquets and Boutneers I just drove all the way to the hobby lobby in sterling heights and got all "real touch" calalillys for my girls and they have matching Boutneers all of there wedding stuff is half off! The prices the resort wants to charge me for flowers is CRAZY
  6. Wow we are from the same city and you are getting married one day before me what day are you leaving?
  7. Sooooo close! I'm starting to freak out! I have so many DIY projects left.
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