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  1. We had round tables at ours, but a rectangle for head table. We choose to do a seating plan as it saves time and gets guest seated promptly.. when you only have a few hours or so ever minute counts! We just had it set up with tables, and then told people what table they should sit at.. at which point the picked there own seat at that table. Made things flow quickly.
  2. Julia, I went in looking for a 'destination wedding' style dress in mind... and I ended up getting something completely different. Not saying that will happen to you, but I wouldn't base where I would look strictly on that. I went to two places (in one day) and found my dress. Ritche Bridal - TONS of dresses, all styles and designers. They had pretty much ever dress I asked about. Beckers Bridal - Not quite as vast a selection as Ritche, but some other names, and their own designer name... ended up getting my dress here. They give a 10% off if you get alterations done elsewhere.. though I opted to get them done there and I'm glad I did as Rosa was a miracle worker. Both places I found I had good service .. not pushy at all. Piece of advise though...no matter where you go, book on a week day if at all possible. I booked a Monday.. I had both places to myself! Good luck! k
  3. Blue Moon Bar. .. was hoping it would open at 8:30 but when we went, they told use not until 10:30. I dont know if it was a one off thing or what. This is also where we ended up having you after dinner reception. It was closed off to the public until 10:30.
  4. Be prepared with a backup plan if any of your events are outside.. I wasn't .. which for me is odd as Im usually on top of stuff.. but I figured it would have been perfect weather.. it was not. So.. that said, the day of was a bit chaotic. I have to go back through the pictures and videos as I don't even remember certain things! Also. Be flexible and don't worry about not having everything ironed out beforehand .. .honestly. .they told me I had appointment for the spa.. they didn't.. but they accommodated me on the spot... I was told that a bar would be open as I was planning on having a welcome party there.. it wasn’t.. had to make a last second change.. asked for rehearsal dinner reservations weeks before..they ended up making it.. the day before.. Just go with the flow, relax and things will work out...
  5. Can't comment on it on getting a Catholic priest to the resort.. but if its to be a true Catholic ceremony, does it not have to be in a Church? My Catholic friends all had to get married in a church to follow the church's strict guidelines. If you can't find one that will do it, you may want to get married at home in the church, then have a 'renewal' on the beach?
  6. I should also say.. I dont even thing the final details thing matters.. as they just sit down and ask you all the questions again once you get there... but yeah, it is frustrating... but don't worry.. it will all get ironed out in time.
  7. Same thing happened to me. About 20 days out I emailed them and was like.. hello?!? and they responded almost right away to get everything in order.. it only took a few emails back and forth and was settled in 24 horus.. so no worries.. it will get done, but I would advise emailing them at this point.
  8. I just had my wedding and wore Allure 8915. While it’s not a true mermaid to trumpet, it is a drop waste and is fitted tight. I left a little room in the hips, butt but I will say that sitting was a little challenge. I had to maneuver around to get comfortable and I couldn't really bend (Also because of the boning). Posing for pictures was a little challenging as well. So I can’t say for sure with your dress.. but I think you may not want it as tight as it can go… though… again.. its only for a few hours! All depends on if you want look, or comfort
  9. My Review is up. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/iberostar-rose-hall-suites-all-inclusive-montego-bay-jamaica/reviews/7127 If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me.
  10. I had a meeting with the WC on Monday and I asked them what time it was to open as I was looking for a spot to do a Welcome Party. She said it opened at 8:30. We went.. I was told it does not open until 10:30 so we moved to the lobby bar. Throughout the week, that's what it seemed was the norm. The Catarmaran was $82.50 US Per Adult all in. (includes transportation, snorkel use, open bar, tax) We went from 3-6. There is a sunset cruise which is later but shorter and no snorkel. The sun was setting as we docked..which was awesome.. but it wasn't fully set yet.
  11. We used http://weddingbellesjamaica.com/ . I was in contact Jo-Anne. She was fantastic. She did up gift bags for us which where delivered to the hotel. There was a bunch of stuff you could select from (rum, sauces, coffee, etc) In regards to sky lanterns.. I didn't have them myself, but I have used them.. you need two people at least to set them off.. (one needs to hold while the other lights it) so one per couple is more then enough.
  12. Lessons learned... not really.. but I would suggest to really just have the mentality of just going with the flow... if things dont work out as planned due to uncontrollable circumstances to just breath.. and let things take its course (ie.. wedding coordinators scrambling to make things work out.. ahahah) Oh.. though, I will say one thing. I hired Misha Earle for pictures on the wedding day. She is awesome.. Big personality and professional. However, due to the weather all my pictures where inside for the most part. .. so a few days later I decided to hire digipix at the resort to do a photoshoot back in my dress on the beach. The guy was really nice, and did some great poses. I was really excited to see the pictures.. when I did.. I almost cried. .. they where terrible.. 80% where out of focus (I dont know if he just had the wrong setting or what... the camera he used was bottom of the barrel kit SLR). I ended up paying $315 for 40 photos that where mediocre at best. I should have gotten Misha to come back... kicking myself for that now. I didn't bring much.. just a few things (guest book, fans, table numbers) as I couldn't be bothered dealing with that.. I had stuff delivered to the hotel from local vendors instead.. best money spent.
  13. Hello Everyone! I just got back from a weeks stay at the Grand, but got Married at the Suites. I can say that nothing worked out as planned (due to a horrible weather system) which was disappointing, but everything did work out. I have to give a shout out to Nicole and Tiffany for pulling it all together on the fly (literally) and making it go as smoothly as possible. If anyone has any specific question I would be glad to try and answer.
  14. OMG... That is horrible and I can imagine how stressful... So they changed the date from Sat-Sat.. to Thur-Thur? They only fly out of Calgary 1 day a week? I know when I booked, I originally booked Sat-Sat. They moved it to Sun-Sun.. but that wasn't such a big deal for us. .. Though we are based out of Toronto so there are more flight options. What I did was only book one package, out of Toronto.. even though 80% of our Guest where coming from out West or out East, and told people that they can either get to Toronto and fly out with our group deal, or find their own package. Half the guest are flying to Toronto and out with me... it was an added expenses for flight, but it worked out to be about the same as flying from elsewhere. It was also easier in some cases as places like Calgary, Edmonton didn't have the same flight options that are available from here... It looks like more people from out west fly to Mexico apparently... I had some issues with flight times being changed though, which caused some stress as people where getting connecting flights.. another thing to be mindful of. Anyways.. yeah.. that sucks and I'm sorry you have to go through that. I really hope you are able to get things worked out.... but honestly.. I would consider asking guest to find their own ways. I did that, and those that aren't coming with our group managed to all figure it out on their own.
  15. In regards to the Resort DJ. I heard several brides say they are bringing their own music... This may sound like a stupid question, but I assume the DJ has all his own music, so unless I have my heart set on particular songs, I don't need to bring a CD/ipod, etc with music on it for him to play correct? Or am I wrong? In other words, I'm not expected to supply the music the DJ will use to play at my wedding.. or am I? Thanks!
  16. You look stunning. When I went dress shopping, I had the thought of a light flowy beachy dress as I thought that what I 'should' wear. After trying on dozen, they just did not suit me.. I looks terrible in them! So.. I tried on a dress that I loved from seeing it in books and on TV, and fell in love with it. It not Beachy at all as far as Im concerned... but I ordered it. For months I thought.. "what did I do!" but when the dress came in and I went for my fittings I was relieved to still love it as much as the first time I tried it on.. if not more! Its your day, and you should get to wear what you want and what you feel beautiful in, whether is a poofy Ball-Gown, slinky sheath of lacey vintage! DW are not the norm.. anything goes in my opinion!
  17. That can happen if you get overwhelmed by a workout. If you need to, slow the pace down and just go through it slower. I remember when I first started working out, the 30 day shred is what I started with.. but I worked up to JM No More TroubleZones after a month. The first time I did that video, I had to run to the bathroom and ... throw up. eeew. It happened a few times the first 3 or 4 months with some workouts.. but eventually went away ... Also, be sure that you are well hydrated, and your eating properly.. this will also have an affect on how you feel.
  18. Ah, I didn't know the engagement was 2 years.. yeah, I think I would start going a little crazy too We head out in 10 days and I'm going nuts at this point waiting.. and waiting.. Weddings are expensive.. to say the least... That's awesome about his promotion!! That should help put your minds at ease a bit. Congrats and happy planning
  19. Does anyone know the cost of a Day pass for someone staying at the Suites, to be able to go to the Grand?
  20. I know the excitement of a wedding plays a big factor, but have you considered putting it on-hold for an extra year so you have more time to save and you would be more comfortable? You can absolutely do a beautiful destination wedding on a tight budget if you just go with the basics... but if your heart is set on any extras, why not just wait 6 months or a year longer? When we did up our budget we took in account things that could happen within the year that would eat at our budget... unexpected expenses, etc. Ive seen a lot of people say they will put ever cent away.. but it ends up being about half that because 'this came up' 'or that came up'. Anyways.. just a thought. Either way, its your day.. its your wedding. I can't see guest being disappointed about anything. If they are willing to travel to your wedding, then they are there to see you get married.. not there to see fancy flowers, or get favors, etc. It will work out!
  21. I asked this question last year when I booked and they told me that for vendors, you only pay a vendor fee. Also, this charge did not show up on my charge sheet. If this is the case at the beach..that ridiculous! Not like she will be using the resort facilities.
  22. This is what I'm saying though... Brides have had not to pay..but that was then, and this is now... when speaking with Nicole the past few days, and given my charge sheet, she said that YES I do have to pay a vendor for Rashel, and for her hairstylist. Its listed on my payment sheet. So either things have changed.. or there is some discrepancy along the way. Anyways, I'm hoping I can get it removed!
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