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  1. I had the same problem and i waited two weeks and then Emailed Gina and then she emailed adventure photos and found out that they had been trying to email me the slideshow for over a week and my email kept rejecting it for some reason... so hopefully that isnt the case for you!
  2. I just got mine too and I was super disappointed! They left so much blank white space where they could of stretched out the pictures.... not impressed at all :/
  3. So apparently you cant post your reviews on this thread anymore because I got an email that mine was taken down because of that! So here is a link to my review if anyone missed it http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dreams-rivera-cancun-resorts-and-spa/reviews/7026
  4. Here is my wedding review finally!! Sorry it is really long! Please anyone let me know if you have any questions. My email is Rach0636@aol.com Check-in Process: So when we first arrived in Mexico it was so gorgeous out! Since we went through an amazing travel agent, we got picked up by private transportation and had a couple guys holding up a big sign in the shape of a heart with Robert and I’s picture blown up on it and it said “Mr. and Mrs. Wahl.†It was so cute I felt like a celebrity. We then got champagne and chocolates and had a private bus take us to the hotel. When we got
  5. I had the same issue and it showed rain everyday we were there but that wasn't the case at all. I realized if there is even a chance of rain for just 5 minutes out of the day then the forecast is going to show rain... So try not to worry!!!!
  6. Yeah my hair turned out amazing i was so happy with it. I actually have a picture that I used that I can email you if you want to send me your email. I got my flower online at etsy and i LOVED it
  7. I actually bought it online at JCPenney for $100 and then got it altered to fit It worked perfectly
  8. Maureen!! So Pretty I have been trying to find you on facebook without any luck :/ Your pictures are gorgeous! I havent done a review at all yet either cuz I havent even had the time.
  9. That sounds super frustrating. You might of already looked into it, but I would HIGHLY recommend going through a travel agent. They do all the talking back and forth for you so you dont have to deal with anyone! Its very nice. I went through Denise Canon at Travel Concepts. Here is her website if you want to just contact her and get quoted rates from her to even just compare. http://essence.travelconceptskc.com/ She is a long time friend with everyone at the resort and ended up getting us so many upgrades complimentary! It was amazing. And depending on how many rooms you book, you get a
  10. Yeah the photographer all together with both the wedding and trash the dress took over 700 pictures so we had to get it down to about 330. We had the $1500 package which included 236 photos and we got almost 100 extra pics which cost us over $300! It's crazy how much they charge you for extra photos but I definitely thought it was something that was worth it.
  11. Finally got my slideshow back. For some reason, they combined the wedding photos and the trash the dress into one... http://280113wahl.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/#/wahl1/
  12. Hey Savs how long did it take until they sent you your slideshow and picture book? Did they send the sideshow through email?
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