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    Our Dream Wedding Came True At The Banyan Tree

    Hi Sodalime, I have just revised my review, please read it again. My bridal stress was getting to me months before the wedding, the BT wedding coordinator change was a brief pause in planning but I wanted everything all at once, so it got to be complete bridal stress, but once it was taken over everything was spectacular!!!! So I am thrilled to share the after math in my new review! Cant wait to come back to our beloved Banyan Tree!
  2. palmsnsand

    Fire Dancers in Riviera Maya?

    which vendor did you get these from??? thats a great deal
  3. palmsnsand

    Rosewood Mayakoba

    Hi congratulations! I looked into Rosewood Mayakoba for my wedding, we even went to visit! Its beautiful, but there are other places that are beautiful. The main problem was that we had to make our guests book minimum 10 suites in order to have the wedding. our wedding was already slanted to be small, so pretty much if one couple would drop out, the wedding contract would be in violation ( word " MAJOR STRESS"). At the end of the day I really didn't feel like being a "sales" for Rosewood and trying to sell suites to my friends and family. I have enough stress in wedding planning as is. I also don't like to convince people to spend $400 plus on the stay per night because people have different budgets and already go out of the way to travel to a destination wedding. So this was a major set back, and sounded like they only care to make as much $$$ as possible. Sure they are a lovely property and everyone wants to make $$, but during our visit we discovered the Fairmont Mayakoba and Banyan tree, right next door with the same kind of feel about them, and both don't force wicked policies on the brides. FYI big catch: They offer a discount if these ten suites are booked, but after resort fees, and sky high taxes it goes back up anyway, and not even breakfast is included in the nightly rate. So I recommend to look around more, in Riviera Maya they have some much more to offer with better options and less restricting policies. Good luck!
  4. palmsnsand

    June 2012 Mexico Bride!

    La Reve is really awesome. We stayed there last year. What did you decide on?
  5. palmsnsand

    Perfect Wedding!

    this was super helpful! I am having My Banyan Tree Mayakoba Wedding this June 2012! Katherine is no longer there, but I did part of the planning with her. I m hoping it will be carried out with same quality as Katherine did. I do want to look into outside florist, because I like lots of flowers and they get expensive through the hotel. thanks! Does Mayakoba orchids have an english website, sorry I am not spanish speaking ;(
  6. This is a review of:

    Banyan Tree Mayakoba

    Our Dream Wedding Came True At The Banyan Tree

    Pros: Stunning, gorgeous resort. Amazing Staff!
    We traveled to BT last fall to scout the wedding venue. We were originally planning with Rosewood Mayakoba, however it turned out they have some crazy policies to commit to amount of guests, which to me is impossible to do on a destination wedding. Banyan Tree welcomed all of our requests and changes from the start and through the end of planning. Their coordinator at the time Katherine, started my planning, and later Brenda and Karina took over, and carried out all the requests and planning to perfection! They are superb, extremely professional and make everything appear seems like at a snap of a finger. Banyan Tree was such scenic and unique venue! We are still speechless trying to describe how amazing everything was! Upon arrival we were treated like kings and queens! We got upgraded to a Spa Suite, which is a villa of its own. Pretty much everyday we had a surprise romantic set up at night with bottles of wine, and trays of cheese as welcome and congratulations gifts! We were pampered all the way! And we are pretty spoiled travelers ( must confess). We received a couples spa massage out of this world! All this was just leading up to the wedding!!! We were amazed all the way! The trials for hair and make up were arranged seamlessly; so was everything else leading to the wedding day. There was no request that couldn't be done!  The wedding was our fairy tale come true! So many fantastic moments, our beach set up, arriving on the boat from the beach with my husband and guests cheering us from the upstairs La Copa Terrace was absolutely gorgeous! Such a unique bridal arrival, I couldn't think of a better one. We had an abundant buffet at Oriente. The DJ was unbelievably good!!! We danced the night away., we had a cigar roller, and every guest even a non-smoker enjoyed a cuban. It was pure indulgence for all. We also hired Fire-dancers, which are worth it completely. I know brides are bargaining for fire-dancers, and they seem a bit steep at first, But boy-oh-boy are they wonderful exciting, thrilling, fun, amazing! My husband thought I spend double of what I did,  because he thought it it worth even triple! So much entertainment, great energy, music, food., the guests got tired right in time for us to retreat to our Spa Villa. When we got back, a romantic turn down out of this world was awaiting.... ! I was crying the day we had to go back home, Banyan Tree is a true sanctuary for the sense, and I want to add " sanctuary of love and its celebration". I am deeply thankful to all the staff who made it unforgettable for us and our families! We can't wait to get back for our anniversary ;)