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  1. Nayelli told me if your wedding is at 5pm then you need to be at the salon 3hrs before so 2pm.
  2. i used USA tranfers, they were great to work with, showed up on time and they were very inexpensive. here is their website http://www.usa-transfers.com/
  3. you will be charged the whole room rate about a week before you arrive, and if you have a wedding package they charge that to your bill when you check out. we were under the impression that everything was charged the week before. oh no surprise when you check out they say oh by the way you owe $$. we were very upset when we checked out and that nobody had explained this to us before hand. plus when we checked out there was no wedding coordinators working. just be careful about that. other than that, excellence is the place to get married and to vacation. we would go back tomorrow. congrats!
  4. customs are tough down there, when we went down there we had my dad check my luggage with all the oot bags and customs wanted receipts for everything. luckily, they let my dad through without it. but i would def recommend having your receipts.
  5. amy trust me i had like 5 wedding coordinators between the time we booked our wedding to the time we got there, my husband and i thought it sounded "fishy" and kinda ridiculous. but once we got there and worked with alex which was the #4 coordinator (who i highly recommend using) they keep everything in a file for you and they send you a checklist before you leave. i printed every email and made my own checklist, just so there was no miscommunication, let me know if you have any questions, i still have all my catalogs that nayeli sent me if you need any of them, let me know!
  6. We used the spice terrace for our reception. It ended up raining on our wedding day, so we used the inside of the restaurant. but we went out there to dance. i would recommend the spice terrace.
  7. sounds like everything went great! we also used the inside photographer and he was absolutely great and very accommodating. we took bug spray with us also, and put them in our welcome bags. congrats to you guys!
  8. no i had them done 2 days before we left and they lasted through the week and i had them done probably 2 weeks after i got back. the pink and whites are the always the way to go. i cant believe you leave in 6 days! i cant wait to see your pictures
  9. here are my nails that i had done for my wedding, they are pink & white, no acrylics.
  10. as far as nails, has anyone had pink and whites done? they last for like 4 weeks and they are better than doing acrylic nails.
  11. ashley, we didnt even ask for the speakers but they brought them anyway for us and we got to use the microphone for exchanging vows.
  12. we were going to have a private rehersal dinner, but Alex (if you can, work with him) but he said there was a private beach carribean night party. there was maybe a dozen tables, and guest to pay extra to get into the party, but we got it complimentary. it was super nice and everyone had a blast.
  13. my dress did not leave my site, except for checking in. they take all your stuff until your room is ready. my dress was not wrinkled at all and i just hung it up in the closet, which by the way is HUGE! it also depends on the fabric of your dress whether it will wrinkle more or less. mine laid flat and my fiance and i carried it, it was really heavy dress so i took the bottom and he took the top. i didnt care if ppl had to move the dress was going to be straight. and everyone at the airlines is super nice
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