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  1. Thank you!! We had my husbands brother choose his own reading but the ceremony wording was provided by the resort. I guess if you want a specific wording, you could give it to your wedding coordinator and they will use it. We brought our own sand and containers for the unity sand. We didn't do programs but I think other brides have brought the programs with them. I opted to do itineraries that included wedding ceremony/cocktail party/reception times & locations and menus for the reception. Natalia, our wedding coordinator was there each step of the way leading everyone and communicating what was next and where to all of our guests (including when we had to move the reception location for the last 40 minutes because of rain). Hope that helps!
  2. I was worried abt the bridge as well but it turned out to be totally fine. Everyone could see us and it actually made for some really pretty pictures (our guests even snapped some great shots). The romance team was great abt making sure no one was in the vicinity of the wedding. When I was waiting to walk down the aisle I saw Natalia redirecting people that were checking in and going to their rooms around the area of the wedding so nothing was disrupted. Here are some pics...
  3. We did a sunset cruise/snorkeling excursion with our group the day after the wedding. It was really fun and it was nice to all spend time together doing an activity. We didn't pay for everyone... we told everyone about it and those who wanted to do it reserved online. We ended up with about 70-70% of our wedding guests paying to go and we had a wonderful time!
  4. They gave us 2 CDs and the rights to all of the pictures
  5. When we contacted Arrecife, we were told that if we pay in cash, we would receive a discount and only pay the price of the package. So we only paid the $1500 in cash for the package rather than paying by credit card and paying additional fees. For the centerpieces, Lara has ones you can look at and choose from but what I did was find a pictures of what I wanted and had her quote me a prices
  6. We chose the middle photography package. It was $1500 for 200 pictures and the photographer was there the entire pre-wedding, wedding and reception. They offered us a discount on purchasing more pictures but we stuck to the original package we chose. We stayed in the Royal Service at PPR and that was totally worth it! Our butler made sure all of the bridesmaid dresses were steamed and the grooms' suit and shirt were pressed. We didn't do the bridal suite. We took the getting ready pictures in our room and the guys took theirs at a friends' room. I uses the money to do a spa package for my bridal party, MOB and MOG. They had their choice of facial, massage or body scrub. We had our hair done at the YHI Spa and they all got 15% off bc they were part of my bridal party. I don't know who the officiant was. She spoke English and performed the ceremony in English for us. The only thing we requested was that she speak slowly and broke up the vows into small chunks for us. We also had my husbands brother do a reading at the ceremony. Let me know if I can answer any more questions or post any pics!
  7. Calla Lilies are my favorite flower too! I upgraded them. For the bridesmaids, I had them all have smaller versions of mine (which is typically what the maid of honor would carry). I paid $60 per bouquet but they would have been cheaper if I didn't do MOH bouquets for all three of them. I upgraded the cake to a third layer, with piping and aqua fondant for $120. I don't think we needed the third layer but I just thought it would be pretty with it. It turned out so pretty!! The Dominican trio was so fun!! Everyone really enjoyed them. We only caught the tail end of them bc we were taking pictures but everyone said how fun and good they were I think the dance floor added so much to the ambiance and really gave extra lighting and fun for the pictures! It was 100% worth it!! We didn't do the videography package... we got so many videos from family and friends from iPhones and cameras so I'm not sad we didn't do that. All in all I am beyond happy we chose PPR for our wedding. The service was fantastic and friendly! Massiel even helped me with my bustle when my MOH was struggling with it. They attended to every detail!
  8. Hey Ladies! Here are some of the pictures from our wedding! The files were too large so I had to take screen shots to be able to upload them so the quality isn't as like the pictures we have but Arrecife was fantastic! Let me know if you have any questions I can answer!
  9. Yes! It's an Instagram picture. We made little Instagram cards for everyone to use our hash tag We put them in the welcome bags! The bands were not upgraded. They have us those with our check in at royal service.
  10. Hey Ladies! We just had our wedding yesterday and it was awesome!! If you have any worries, you shouldn't. The romance team is so accommodating and on top of their game. They have a plan b, c and d for everything. Mariela was my wedding coordinator and had been my main point of contact. When we got here, we found out Mariela had just gone to the hospital with appendicitis! Natalia took over and she was FABULOUS!! She had read every email and knew every detail of the wedding we had discussed. Bc of the last minute switch, they upgraded our rehearsal dinner to Gabi Beach for free for 17 people. The Arrecife photographer was great and very nice as well as the new DJ company Abentos. I have zero complaints!! We had rain in the middle of our dinner at the Olympus Terrace but they handled it smoothly and extended our reception for the time it rained. (Btw the cake was beautiful and delicious!) I will post pictures when we get back home. All in all, I could not have asked for a more amazing wedding
  11. Hi Ladies!! We are here!! The wedding is on Wednesday and so far everything has been wonderful! Our TA arranged a private shuttle for us and we were greeted at the airport with champagne and roses by our driver!! We are in royal service and check in could not have been smoother. They automatically upgraded us to an ocean view room and our butler has been very attentive and helpful. We need with Mariela and Massiel today in an hour to go over all the last minute details I'm so excited!! I will keep you guys posted with any info!
  12. Have a great time Suzhen!! I can't wait to see the pictures and hear how it went!! It will be amazing for sure!
  13. They said the max number of people was 20 We have abt 40 people total so we shaved it down just to parents and bridal party. I think they recommend the buffet for bigger parties. For the escort cards I'm doing resin starfish. Something like this... I printed the names and table numbers onto cardstock and cut them. I bought ribbon and I'll just tie them onto the starfish when I get there.
  14. Hi Ladies!! We are only 29 days away!!! I'm so excited and nervous all at once. I have been transferred from my planner Bianca in Miami to Massiel and Mariela at the resort. Mariela has been so helpful and very quick to get back to my emails. They already set up our time to meet with the coordinators/photographers for the day after we arrive. The whole rehearsal dinner thing is a dumb rule. What we ended up doing is cutting down the number of people to 16 and the resort is trying to get us to have 10 people at one table and the other 6 at a table next to us. We chose to do it at Vento. They are also being accommodating about the rehearsal time because I have 3 members of my bridal party flying in the day before the wedding so depending on when they land and arrive at the resort, we can rehearse which was great. I turned in my DJ requests and seating chart (with individual plated menu choices - we are doing the aqua meals) today!! It's starting to feel so real!! I'll keep you guys posted on any more information I get during the last few weeks
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