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  1. We are getting MARRIED!!! May 11, 2013, we will be getting married at Paradisus La Perla! So excited!
  2. Hiya Aury! When we were there, we were able to travel between both sides. We were at La Perla (Royal Service). Not sure if Royal Service made any difference.
  3. Hiya ladies!!! Just checking in . Leaving for Mexico in 4 weeks for our May 11th wedding... Soooo exciting!
  4. Hiya ladies!!! Just checking in . Leaving for Mexico in 4 weeks for our May 11th wedding... Soooo exciting!
  5. Hiya . Can you please send to me too? Harborliving13 @ gmail dot com
  6. Our Love at First Site was amazing! We saw each location, tasted the food, wines, met with Perla... Etc. the planners on site are much better than Miami. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with Miami until about 45 days before your wedding. Again, we are so thankful for our wedding planner Janice... She helps decipher all the wedding stuff that stresses me when dealing directly with the Miami Office
  7. We are having a violinist for the ceremony, then using the DJ for the cocktail hour and reception
  8. I feel the same way about Blue Lens. We went with Erick Rodqriguez of www.claudiaphoto.com. Looks like the vendor fee is sticking for us too . That $1000 could go so far!
  9. Her information is here on our wedding website: http://harborliving.org/destination/travel-arrangements/
  10. We are using our beloved Janice Shortier of Destination Wedding Store and Perfect Honeymoon. She is our wedding planner and travel agent and new family friend . We found her from an article she was featured in the Destination Wedding Magazine. Her email address is - Janice at destinationweddingstore dot com
  11. Hiya KK I would definitely lean towards "wedding name" Meet n Greet or something like this for the title. This way you keep the drinks out of it and any cocktails provided are a pleasant surprise!
  12. Same here... I told my guest that haven't responded yet that they will all end up with sea bass.... Lol
  13. Haha! I totally understand. We asked on the RSVP card. Too bad we don't have most of them back yet!!!
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