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  1. Have a great time in Cuba...the Paradisis is great!
  2. I was so happy to time the wedding just before sunset....the temperature was perfect and we were able to light our wish lanterns.
  3. In the Bahamas now....wedding day turned out perfect!
  4. tkuzma, I have went to Mystique Tanning in the west end a few times....it was great. The lady sprays you to the color you wish ...it is not a machine you stand in.
  5. I haven't heard about that cleaners...but I notice there are always deals on dress cleanings/preservation...especially in the winter months. Do you know of any really good seamstress/tailor for altering dresses? I ordered my bridesmaids dresses from NY Dress and a few need some alterations...but nervous to go to the lady that hems my jeans. As for the hair removal....I have tried the No No they advertise...and it works better than I thought it would. I think some of the well known spas for laser hair removal might be better than some of the places that appear on Groupon. I have tried a few of them for various things and I never get the results they claim
  6. jreist, I know..I have been considering cups/mugs too..I am just worried about the size. Still deciding. I am going to assemble my welcome bags the day I arrive at the resort..as it will be easier to pack the contents seperate. I am going to try and take an extra old suitcase that I can leave in the destination that will carry the supplies. I work in travel and so I know how restrictive the airlines are getting with luggage and the costs to haul extra bags No sense hauling an empty bag back...I agree. You will have to post a picture of your mugs when they arrive. Did you order from discountmugs.com?
  7. Depending on what you are bringing you won't have any issues with customs. Are you thinking of bringing an extra suitcase and putting the bags together once you arrive? (Might be easier to pack the contents and assemble the bags there)
  8. I am doing welcome bags for each guest room to thank guests for coming. Are any of you taking OOT bags with you to the resort? If so...any great ideas you have come across?
  9. I am also an Edmonton Bride!! Getting married Nov 26th, 2012 on the island of San Salvador, Bahamas
  10. I am getting married on the island of San Salvador, Bahamas - Nov 2012. Has anyone been married there? I am hoping to find a photographer on the island. Any help would be appreciated!!
  11. Help! We are getting married on San Salvador Island in the Bahamas - Nov, 2012....has anyone been married here? I am looking for photographers on the island! Any information would be greatly appreciated!!
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