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  1. I've been back for a few days now...had to get back to normal. Our wedding at Aventura Cove Palace was AMAZING! I could not have asked for anything better. It was windy that day, which was the only thing I would change (but of course couldn't). My coordinator was awesome, the ceremony and reception were beautiful and everyone had a great time. It by far exceeded my expectations! If anyone has any questions, please let me know! I know I was freaking out before we left, but I promise, everything will fall in to place!! I'm happy to answer any questions or give tips on how to make some things go more smoothly, just let me know!
  2. Hmmm....good point. I haven't talked to my photographer, but our ceremony is 4:00, so it'll be over by 4:20....hoping we have enough time for good pics....he says he doesn't see me before, so it'll have to do I guess!
  3. Yea, I told you it was overkill! But it's nice to have it all down so you don't forget pics or anything haha! On the day of I will be happy to have so much detail.....!
  4. Here ya go! Sunday, September 11 11:15 Kristen, Yoko, Jackie and Sarah bring dress and anything else need to get ready to Kristen’s room or Suite before going to the spa 11:30 Jana and Bridesmaid eat lunch 12:00 Chris and Groomsmen eat lunch 12:30 Jana, Kristen & Yoko go to spa to get hair and makeup done 12:30 Katie goes to spa to take some getting ready photos of the women 1:30 Chris and groomsmen arrive to Evan and Aaron’s room to put on wedding attire (already showered and ready to go) 1:30 Jackie & Sarah go to spa to get hair done (come earlier if not doing anything) 1:45 Katie leaves spa and heads to meet Chris and the groomsmen for photos 2:00-2:30 Katie takes photos of Chris and the groomsmen (individual and group) 2:30-3:15 Chris and the guys hang out 2:30 Jana and bridesmaids head back to (Suite or Kristen’s room) to finish getting ready 2:40 Katie come to take getting ready photos of the women 2:45 Bridesmaids get dressed 3:00 Jana put her dress on 3:00 Flowers are distributed to Jana, Bridesmaid, Nancy and Joan in Suite 3:00 Jody & Merry tie lanterns on chairs at ceremony site 3:15-3:30??? Katie takes photos of Jana and the bridesmaids (individual and group) 3:15 Chris and groomsmen all ready to go- make sure Scott has rings 3:15 Jody & Merry come and get men’s flowers from Kristen’s room 3:30 Katie heads to ceremony site to take photos of people arriving 3:30 Chris and groomsmen go to ceremony site (Jody & Merry direct) 3:30 Ushers (Tim & Nick) arrive to ceremony site- seat guests and hand our programs Save front row for John, Nancy, Ron & Joan 3:30 Jody & Merry distributed flowers to Chris, John and Ron at ceremony site 3:30 Jana and bridesmaids touch up make-up and get ready to go to ceremony 3:45 Music starts playing at the ceremony site 3:45 Jana and bridesmaids head to the ceremony side (Jana hides from Chris) 4:00 Ceremony Begins ORDER: Officiant starts at the front or walks down first? Song for processional: “Fools Rush In†by: Elvis Presley (Instrumental) Chris escorts Joan Chris stays up front Evan escorts Nancy Evan walks back down aisle Sarah & Evan Jackie & Dave Yoko & Aaron Kristen & Scott Song for bride and FOB: Cannon and D Minor John & Jana Greeting Reading by Shelly Vows Exchange of the rings Sand Ceremony- Molly sings “Faithfully†by: Journey Kiss 4:20 Ceremony ends, Recessional: Song? 4:20 Champagne Toast 4:30 Photos Picture of everyone at the wedding Jana Family photos Jana & John (FOB) Jana & Nancy (MOB) Jana & Evan (brother) Jana, John, Nancy & Evan Jana, John, Nancy, Evan & Chris Jana, Chris, John, Nancy, Evan, Mark & Cathy Jana, Chris, John, Nancy, Evan, George, Mary, Jamie & Christine Jana, Chris, John, Nancy, Evan & Ron N. Chris Family photos Chris & Joan (MOG) Chris & Ron (FOG) Chris, Ron & Joan Chris, Jana, Ron & Joan Chris, Jana, Ron, Joan, Shelly, Tim & Scott Chris, Jana, Ron, Joan, Shelly, Tim, Merry, Scott & Jody Chris, Jana, Shelly, Molly & Sarah Chris, Jana, Tim, Merry & Nick Chris, Jana, Jody & Scott Chris, Jana, Ron, Joan, Shelly, Molly, Sarah, Tim, Merry, Nick, Scott & Jody Jana and Groomsmen (group) Jana and Bridesmaid (if not done ealier)(group and individuals) Chris and Bridesmaids (group) Entire wedding party photos Jana & Chris alone! 5:00 Cocktail Hour starts at ??? Open bar Appetizers passed Music played during cocktail hour???? 5:15/5:30 Jana and Kristen go and change Jana into short dress before going to cocktail hour 5:50 Move to dinner location 6:00 Welcome by John (FOB) 6:05 Buffet opens Music played during dinner? 6:30 Jana and Chris cut the cake 6:45 Desert is served 7:00 Toasts: Kristen Scott Evan Chris & Jana 7:15 First Dance for Jana and Chris- “I Won’t Give Up†By: Jason Mraz 7:20 Father/Daughter and Mother/Son – need name of song Wedding party- need name of song 7:30 Dancing begins for everyone 8:00 Take other pictures with people that did not have photos taken before Jana, Chris & Tommy Jana, Chris, Mark & Margo Jana, Chris, Sam & Joe Jana, Chris, Jeff & Tammy Jana, Chris, Yoko & Andy Jana, Chris, Jackie & Nick Jana, Chris, Dave & Jill 10:30 Reception Over
  5. Ok, just as a warning, it's a bit overkill My MOH is a wedding planner and really likes details! Haha, hope it helps at least! MexicoWeddingDayTimeline.docx
  6. I I have a super detailed day of itinerary if you're interested.....let me know!
  7. I leave 2 weeks from today---AHHHHHHH!! Not too much today, printing programs, welcome letter, menus, itineraries early next week....finalizing some centerpieces. I feel like I should have more to do! I still haven't heard from my onsite coordinator so I'm freaking out a little about that, but as you've all said, they've done this 1,000 times so it'll be wonderful! What are you guys doing about steaming your dress down there?
  8. OMG I'm sooooo glad all of you are in the same boat! My Fiance's parents booked their tickets yesterday...we leave in 15 days!!!! HELLO! Also one of his groomsmen isn't coming....well we don't think he is, but he hasn't even officially told us either way! It's ridiculous! Ah, it makes me feel better it's not just my peeps....but can't they understand we have to plan and stuff...grrrrrrr!!!!!
  9. Has anyone at Aventura Spa heard from their on-site coordinator? I'm waiting to hear from mine and I leave in 17 days - HOLY S!#T!!!!
  10. Does anyone know if at Aventura you can have someone - a guest - do a reading for you during the ceremony? Also....does anyone know the "events" they do, I'm trying to make my programs! Processional Bride Vows Sand Ceremony Recessional ?????
  11. The songs are definitely stressing me out too! I leave for Mexico in 24 days - CRAZY! I have a few narrowed down, but not sure on all of them.. Are you guys putting them all on an iPod or CD?
  12. I leave it 31 days!!!! I know the feeling! haha
  13. No problem, hope it works out!!! Let me know, I plan on using them too!
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