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  1. I agree, I decided to have a dinner for 18 set up in the garden, that way we have a private dinner for all of us (not in a restaurant where there is no privacy), but we're not doing the full out reception. Too much to plan for such a small group. (that is, if I can do that, I haven't heard back from my coordinator yet, but this is my plan) Congratulations to you and your upcoming nuptials!
  2. I'm getting married in 26 days, I leave for my wedding in 19, I have had a heck of a time getting a hold of my WC... I'm starting to stress out a little, I just found out that we qualify for a private reception, but cannot get prices on decorations, or what I need to plan or reserve... HELP! What are questions I need to ask? What do I need to plan for a reception? Is it better to just have a dinner reservation (I'm only having 18 guests) rather than planning a reception?
  3. Phenominal Experience!

    Pros: Service is phenominal, wedding was held here and it couldn't have been a better experience!
    Cons: The beach had a lot of seaweed
    PHENOMINAL experience. Hands down the best resort ever. Service was exponentially phenomenal. I just had my wedding here two weeks ago to the day and it was the most amazing experience and most memorable day of my life.   The wedding planning team is fantastic, the photography the resort provides is incredible and the resort itself offered the most amazing amenities and service. I like the finer things in life and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was blown away at the outstanding service this resort provided. Anything you need, anytime you needed it, you'd have two or three people making sure you got it! During our wedding reception I wanted Cabernet wine, they had Merlot to begin with, once I requested Cabernet, they had their staff running to accommodate me and I had my glass of wine within three minutes. Amazing! I didn't mean for them to run around like that, I felt terrible knowing they went so far out of their way to make me happy, but they certainly impressed me and made me so thankful I chose the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort to vacation and getting married at! We will 100% be going back to enjoy this wonderful resort.   We brought 18 people with us, and everyone agrees with us, fantastic resort. One of our guests even told his wealthy father about the place and told him he should buy a timeshare at this specific resort.   I think the only complaint we had was that the beach was a bit filled with seaweed, we didn't jump into the ocean because of that, but no worries, Moon has you covered with their fantastic poolS!  
  4. Scrites

    Beautiful Photos

    This is a review of:

    Ocean Photo Studio

    Beautiful Photos

    Pros: Beautiful memories
    Cons: None.
    Absolutely amazing photos. I was a bit skeptical at first because the resort wouldn't let us pick our own photographer so I was a bit nervous because I know what I like... but I was beyond thrilled with the photos. They are gorgeous and the photographers did a great job capturing everything, every little detail. The money was so worth it. The video was fantastic, we made copies for everyone because the quality was amazing and the memory was captured beautifully. Absolutely not one complaint. I brought in examples of pictures I like and they made sure they took pictures just as I asked. They were so friendly and so professional, we would definitley recomend them for future wedding photography.   Also- the books they create are AMAZING!! OMG I couldn't believe the quality, and the delivery was incredibly fast! We come back from our honeymoon and then they were delivered to our house right when we got back, couldn't believe it!   100% Happy!