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  1. I am so sorry you weren't happy with your wedding photos! We debated between them and Caribbean Emotions and I am so glad we choose Caribbean Emotions, our pictures were everything we wanted and more. I know they do trash the dress and I bet they'd do anniversary or family pictures too. I'd highly recommend Caribbean Emotions if you head back to Punta Cana again!
  2. Your pictures are beautiful! We are getting married 1 month from today at DPB, I can't wait!! Did you get your hair/ make up done at the spa? I have my appointments scheduled and I plan on bringing pictures of my hair but I am worried about the make up as I don't want it to be too heavy. I haven't heard any feedback about their hair/ make up yet so just wondering what you thought?
  3. Carolash- our wedding is in 6 weeks and we have all the same locations and vendors as you! I'm so glad to hear they were all great!! Did you have DJ Mannia announce you and the bridal party before the reception? I am debating since the cocktail hour is right before not sure if it would be weird. Thanks!
  4. Could you send me the spa brochure? I was just going to ask if anyone had feedback on how the spa did on hair/ make up. I have an appointment to get both done but I am worried about the make up being too heavy.
  5. That's to bad the pool reception isn't available!! I wonder if there is another wedding, what do you think you're going to do? We booked our reception back in June I think. My coordinator is usually pretty responsive within 10 days. I heard from her Friday though and it had been a while. She said they were having trouble with their IP and couldn't access reservation details right now so she had to get back to me on a few questions. Hopefully everything works out for you!!
  6. Ya for some reason it hasn't been letting me post pictures on the forums. My computer just died with my pictures on it, I should get it back all fixed in a couple of weeks, I'll PM you the picture as soon as I get it back! We ended up going with Caribbean Emotions for our photography who also gets great reviews- such a tough decision though!! Have you (or anyone else) heard reviews/ feedback about the DJ through the resort itself? That is the next thing we are trying to decide on.
  7. Below is the picture my wedding coordinator sent me for the included linens/ decor included for the gazebo ceremony. You can add flowers, different chairs, sashes/ bows, runners, etc. for a certain fee depending on what you want. The choices for a reception are the beach, pool island ($250 fee) , or ballroom. We are getting married at DPB on 5/17/13 with a gazebo ceremony and pool island reception with the Dreams of Love Package we think, though we may just do the complimentary one and add on what we want. I believe you may be able to have a private dinner/ reception at one of the restaurants but I think there are limitations with that. I have heard that the wedding coordinators will really be in touch the last 3 months before your wedding but before that it does take a while to hear back as they are so busy with other weddings. I have found that if I write out my questions in a numbered format I get a response much quicker- my wc just writes the answer right next to the question I wrote and it has been working well, I usually hear back within 7-10 days. Good luck with all of your planning!!
  8. Has anyone used the DJ through the resort itself?- any feedback? The other name that keeps coming up is DJ Mannia but it is much more expensive so I am wondering what the biggest difference is. We are getting married at DPB on May 17, 2013. Thank you!
  9. Hi Ladies! My FI are getting married at DPB May 17, 2013 with a gazebo ceremony & poolside reception, about 25 guests! We are debating whether or not to use a DJ or just get the sound system and play music ourselves- anybody have any tips? I want everyone dancing & having fun but also trying to be cautious of how much we're spending! Thanks!!
  10. Hi Ladies! I am getting married May 17, 2013 at the Dreams Palm Beach in DR! We are looking into different photographers & right now debating between HDC and Tropical Studios (which I believe is the photographer through the resort). I have seen reviews for HDC but none for Tropical Studios. Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? We are trying to stay within a budget but of course I want amazing pictures!! Thanks!!

    We had Pascal for our wedding at Dreams Palm Beach on May 17, 2013 and couldn't be happier!! He arrived right on time and was snapping pictures right away, he made us all feel very comfortable right from the beginning and his great personality had us all laughing and having a great time immediately. He has a great eye for beautiful pictures and you can definitely tell he knows what he is doing!!- he even told me to add hair spray to a certain part of my hair so the humidity wouldn't cause it to
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