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  1. Hi. I am getting married next week. I was wondering how much were the extras you had to pay? Such as blood test and documents. Your wedding looked beautiful.
  2. I can't help you with DJ. You can rent sound system for Ipod for $150 an hour through them for cocktail hour and dinner. For the ceromony it is given to you.
  3. I am just doing chair sashes. I went through www.weddinglinensdirect.com. I just ordered them Jan. 2nd and I received them by the 5th. I didn't think they were bad pricing either. I guess it depends on what you are doing for centerpieces. My ceneterpieces have a mirror and gems around it and I thought that was enough. Or I was going to get table runners.
  4. I am acutely going through the resort and getting three centerpiece from devine package. I was going to make my own but I don't want to lug them down or have them break. We have 20 people coming and doing one large table. Trying to finish OOT bags now.
  5. Planning form sent in. Now just got to wait and hear back for some questions. Went with Devine package. We are using IPod for ceremony and having gautartist during cocktail hour. Little over a month and we will be married.
  6. I have a question. I am ordering my chair sashes. Do I need to get seperate ones for the ceremony and dinner or will they take them and move them? If anybody can help I would appericate it.
  7. I am interested in these. I will take them for $30 plus shipping. they are just the regular chair sashes? if you can email me a picture of color would appericate. shellee2374@yahoo.com Thank you, Shelley
  8. Rfinger Beautiful pictures! Who did them? Where did you get that cake topper? Too cute.
  9. Love the bags! You did a wonderful job on them. Glad everyone loved them. I hope mine will be at least somewhat good. Where did you get the sunscreen? Thank you for the ideas.
  10. Let me know how getting the vases down was. I might be wanting to buy them. Also I am going to check with my resort and see if I can use silk rose petals. Have a wonderful time at the wedding.
  11. Sorry. the resort. I don't want to pay for them there to expensive. Love the garters also.
  12. Thnaks everyone. I am doing these colors with some yellow. More of it will be orange. rally like the centerpieces with the candle inthem but afraid to bring them down to
  13. Bride81, I think they wil charge you a fee about $1or 2 for setting them up. I read that somewhere on here. I talked to a friend who went to hjer nieces wedding. She said she bought some luggage from salvation army to bring down oot bags and stuff. Then she left it there with a note to throw it away. So I might be doing that with at least one bag. Good Luck.
  14. Really like the parasols and the starfish idea. Just trying to figure out how to get everything down there. To many ideas but I am worried about the cost too. I was looking into have them do everything but seems like to much money.
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