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  1. Hey Nikki- how did you go about selling the dress? Did you list it online? I'm going to sell mine too but I wasn't sure where to post it.
  2. Thanks for the support ladies! My vision is slowly coming back and the black curtain I had before surgery is now completely gone so that's a plus! I think we should be okay by the wedding. Oneill- Totally sucks about your dress! I totally agree with Lindsey and love the Trash the Dress idea.
  3. I've had a HUGE set back that has made me truly appreciate everything and put everything into perspective. I told Allie already but last Friday 8/10 I went in to my normal eye dr to get an eye checkup because I had some serious vision change. I ended up having a detached retina and got rushed to the hospital for emergency eye surgery. I'm completely blind in my right eye now. It's been a very horrific but humbling experience. And the timing honestly couldn't be better (I know sounds weird.) I ended up getting a gas bubble inserted in my eye that makes me unable to fly for 6 weeks. My wedding was in exactly 8 weeks from my surgery. I saw my dr yesterday and he seems to think I should regain most of my vision back just in time for the wedding. So as much as I've complained about a ton of stuff recently it all seems like peanuts compared to this hurdle. I have been able to see how much my FI will truly help me and love me in sickness and in health and feel truly blessed to be marrying him. I'm now just happy to be marrying my best friend and have left everything up to fate. All my planning is done and I'm positive that everything will be perfect.
  4. Hello Sansan and welcome to the group! This forum is the best thing EVER! The girls on here are beyond helpful and we all understand all the challenges that come up with planning a DW. Good luck with planning!
  5. So lame Allie but I remember you being a little leery on him being there anyway. I've kind of found throughout this whole thing that everything has been happening for a reason. It's probably way better to not have him there. There is no need for any sort of negativity surrounding your wedding and it sounds like this is the best way to make sure that everything is positive and about you and your FI's love and union. And your guest count is a good number! Everything will be perfect!
  6. So I just want to be totally clear on this... With the Free Sweet Wedding Package it says you qualify for this if you have 7 nights at the Casitas and 15 additional room nights. We booked the Casita stay but I'm wondering what exactly this "additional room night" is. My travel agent explained that the additional room night means this... 15 room nights total. My father booked 4 nights so thats 15-4 = 11 more nights and so on. So with all my guests I have a total of 25 nights people have booked. I should be okay right? I would hate to go there and find this isn't true.
  7. Ah man such a crappy feeling especially when you gave them so much time to save up. Sorry to hear that! There seems to be a cancellation big going around...
  8. That totally sucks Chiquita! So now how many bridesmaids do you have? Luckily the one sister I have going stepped up and is going to be my bridesmaid. Thank goodness! There has been a ton of drama with this wedding and a lot of people calling me selfish for having a DW that they can't afford to come to. At first it hurt my feelings and then I realized that this is the only day I get to be selfish so whatever! Anyone else get this reaction? 59 days til we leave and 63 til the big day! We got my FI's attire and now my biggest hurdle will be getting him to wear a tie. He's killing me!
  9. Thanks Chiquita! Actually the more I think about it it's probably a Godsend because it would have been dramafest. I have to remember that when this all first began I wanted a very small and intimate ceremony and I'm surely getting that. No matter what it will be awesome because I'm marrying my best friend!
  10. You are too sweet! Luckily I no longer have to make my MOH bouquet anymore so all I have left is my OOT bags and I'm going to pier one to get some small gift bags and ten the dollar store and target to load up on my items. Are you having your OOT bags delivered to the rooms for $4/ea or are you going to find all of your guests am give it to them personally?
  11. You did a fabulous job! I love all the colors and how fun it is. Looks great and puts my craftiness to shame!
  12. Amanda I am so sorry to hear this. I still totally want to hear about your wedding plans though. And the great news is that you still get to go to EDR and have a wedding with those you truly love. The good thing is that you have a beach around you that you can rely on. Here in Washington we have beaches but unless I wanted to be in pouring down rain and whipping winds and icky rocky beaches this won't work for me. I want to see your pictures as I'm sure it will totally be beautiful! It's so disappointing and really shows you who your friends are and who you are willing to go the extra mile for without the other party doing the same. For someone who doesn't have money she just posted on her FB the last two days all these luxurious restaurants (like $200/meal) that she is going to. She is also planning a trip to the Emmy's in September the SAME weekend that SHE planned my bachelorette party. Guess I can cross my bachelorette party off of the list too. What a winner! I'm totally OCD too so I'm having a hard time with the 0-3 bridal party but I'll have to live with it. I'm just happy my parents and my sister and her husband can make it.
  13. Yes it truly sucks and I have my sister who is about her size coming but she is staying in a different resort so if I do ask her to be a part of this she won't be able to get ready with me or anything since the resort said outside guests can only show up an hour before the ceremony. I'm hoping with the meltdown I had yesterday that my other sister can find a way to make it since I would really want her to be a part of this. I think if she were to come it would make everything better. I know whatever happens we'll still have a great day but it's so hard not to take it personally when you see those who "can't afford it" really not putting in an effort whatsoever even after you've given them over 15 months to save up. Like Nikki says I would and have done all I can do to make it to those special events for those who are important to me. My own sister (that I'm hoping will come) got married out of state years ago when I was 19 living on my own trying to make ends meet. I ended up getting a second job so I wouldn't miss any of it and its so disappointing that she isn't willing to do the same. Hopefully she can make it happen. In a way I'm kind of glad (and this is me trying to look at the bright side of things) that my MOH isn't coming because I truly didn't want her stupid boyfriend to have the opportunity to be a part of my special day when he isn't special enough to be a part of it. It just sucks that she is ultimately choosing him over me and throwing away our 12 year friendship for this loser. It is what it is and she will be the one who will have to live with this decision. Very interesting and I'm totaling going to have to do this. Sounds like something I will totally need. BTW have any new brides getting married soon noticed that the Honeymoon/Anniversary package changed so now you don't get a couple's massage. Now it's buy one get one free. I wonder if we'll still be honored the old package. I have a screenshot picture of the old package on my phone but didn't print it out. Any other brides have a printout they could email me of the old package that states the couple's massage and not the BOGO that's now offered?
  14. Just have to vent ladies so I apologize beforehand... My MOH decided to tell me almost 2 months before the wedding that she isn't coming. She promised me months ago that she paid for her stay and booked airfare and magically she can't come anymore. She gave me the whole money excuse but I find that very hard to believe when she's planning all these other trips with her stupid boyfriend who seems to have her every move now and she's his puppet. She was totally all for going until she started dating this loser and now is no longer coming so now I have NO bridesmaids and my FI has 4 groomsmen. Ugh! She even bought her bridesmaid dress already and fed me all this bullcrap about wanting to get alterations with me. I'm so confused because she was totally ready to go and now she is blowing me off on the biggest day of my life. This is so NOT what I was expecting!
  15. That's such a relief! You never know how much chlorine places put in their pools so it's good to know that you didn't have a problem. That would be such a wedding nightmare to get married with green hair! What's a water journey? Does it cost money? I'm soooo excited to see the shows! Totally looking forward to the fire shows! Quote: Originally Posted by mrendic There is conditioner in the room and if you need more you just have to ask your concierge for it. They can supply you with a lot of stuff aside from what they have in the rooms. Razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. Not the best quality but ya know... also the casitas spa has showers in the women's locker room if you ever go and do the water journey (definitely relaxing.. i did it the day of the wedding) and I really like the conditioner they have in there. Oh and if you stay in the casitas you can do the water journey anytime... not just when you have a spa appointment. As far as fire dancers, there definitely is a fire dancer show. It was on both sundays that we were there so I'm pretty sure it is a weekly thing. I'm pretty sure all of their shows are repeated each week but they change it up so they aren't exactly the same as the week before. The shows are so much fun, especially because they get the guests involved before or after the show with these hilarious games. I think we went to every single show while we were there lol
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