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  1. Hi Ladies: I am here, I arrived yesterday, my wedding is Monday. Lorena is a darling, Linda too. We had a great first meeting. A lot of emotions and excitment. I am a ball of nerves, but I cannot express how beautiful the grounds are and the service is so far superb. I want to thank this website, my travel agent Barbara from Wright travel. All the brides and their savy advice you were all a lifesaver. My soon to be photographer Victor and Sara Herrera and their wonderful communication skills through this process. Carlos Gallardo Video, can't wait to work with him. I will give my review when I get back. Ladies, I did communicate to Lorena their lack of communication and how they can get better. They really need to do a better job at it. I gave example of some of you all concerns. I even showed her this website and how they need to be more responsive and do some sort of QA pre-made questionaire so we don't all ask the same 500 questions. Sheila
  2. In tears! It was beautiful. Video is was one of those things I was going to do withouth. But after reading every bride talk about what they would do again, video kept coming up as a denominator. The power of video it, I am doing it and I found a wonderful vendor.
  3. Things add up quick for me, I knew were I wanted to spend my money. Outside photographer, wonderful welcome bag, rehersal dinner, etc, invitations was not one of those areas were I wanted to spend. I bought mine at Michaels for the wonderful price of $19 and printed them myself. They had a pocket, matching envelop and RSVP. I send an online save the date and mail out 40 invitations. So basicially its up to you how fancy and how much money you want to spend.
  4. Thank you for your response. I also have a small group like yours, let me know what you decide to do in terms of music. Did you get the DJ or renteded their sound system.
  5. Sarah: Please let me know what is the plan for the brides who are using the pool deck. I did not pay all that money and travel so far to have my wedding reception next to a construction site. Thank in advance. Hope your wedding is all you ever dream. Sheila
  6. Hi Noelle: At beginning everyone says yes, a very soon after the first payment they start dropping like flies. Make sure you communicate often If you are working with a travel agent and a payment plan for your guest. Be strict about your RSVP date. I am a month out and I still have people that have yet to said yes or no. I am talking very close people at that, granted I planned my wedding within 6 months. But for those brides who have a year of planning, you should stick to your guns and hold strong.
  7. Katie: Thank you for the photos and the review they are awesome. When my fiance read the review, he said hey that sounds like us. His name is michael and he is a adamant about a fridge full of coronas. By the way we also like to sleep in a cold room. lol
  8. Hi Lindsey happy you wedding was success. How's the view in the Presidential Suite, being that they are in the ground floor?
  9. Mariposaazul

    Dreams Riviera Cancun Wedding 7/6/12

    Katie Beth your profile is super secret, cannot find you. Do you mind friend me on facebook. Sheila Francis Shefra50@hotmail.com Thanks.
  10. Mariposaazul

    Dreams Riviera Cancun Wedding 7/6/12

    Wonderful review, thank you for sharing!
  11. Mariposaazul

    Dreams Riviera Cancun Wedding 7/6/12

    wonderful review. I had me hanging on every word. Thank you for sharing
  12. Past Brides: For ceremony that are in the beach, once you finish the walk do you stay in the sand. Meaning is you feet in sand or is the rug there. I am trying to figure out if my heels are going to sink in the sand and my feet are going to uncomfortable with sand. what shoes is everyone wearing for the beach ceremony.
  13. Thank you for these words. Lorena has not answer any of my last email, but my wedding is not until september 2012. I honestly stop worrying a few weeks ago. Not have to worry is the reason why I picked a destination wedding.Reading this I am confident those ladies are expert and now how to plan a wedding in two days. Cannot wait for you pictures and review.
  14. Thank you for sharing. You should post some pictures. Very happy for you. where did you get the towels? Does the resort give water bottle or do you have to purchase them?