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  1. I already asked Yinette and she said she didn't know, but I am sure she can find out for us! I think what you bought Alicia will be enough, my fiancee is a carpenter LOL and I asked him and showed him the picture, if you wanna be on the safe side order another bolt. Other then that I think it will look great!!!!!!!! I am having my flowers made and bringing them down with me and asked my florist to make 2 big flowers for me for the sides of the gazebo, I am not sure on the cost yet so it may be about what the resort has quoted me. $378.00 for the draping = 2 flowers for the posts and one for the signing table. So if that is $150.00 for just the draping then the 3 other flowers are $228.00 which sounds about right because the one that saw were really big! I was also thinking of just ordering extra table runners and draping them with the gazebo to add some colour. But I think I like the white.. not sure yet :S
  2. Alicia - Thanks for the advice ! I checked out efavormart but they don't offer my colours. I am going to order coral organze sashes so I am looking at BBcrafts, I have checked 3 wesbites now and the colour coral is sold out until August! Argh must be popular this summer. I think 50 chair sashes and 10 table runners are going to be $81.00 with shipping. I only need 5 tables of 8 but the coral organza is so sheer I need to double it up. You said you ordered white draping, are you just getting them to drape the beach gazebo with the white? or are u having flowers etc? I have bought so much stuff here in Canada it is nuts, not sure if I will use it all either! But when I asked Yinette the dimensions for the draping she said she didn't know but I soon found out its an outside vendor. So I am still under about it, I am being soo picky with the set up LOL. Yeah I wouldn't send to the resort either, I have just heard of so many people doing it, but I am sure its expensive and I also heard that is sometimes doesn't arrive. Thanks for the advice !
  3. Hi Alicia, WOW !! such a great idea for the chair sashes, table runners etc... My colours are bright purple and coral and I everything the resort offers to rent is $$$$ and they don't have my colours. I was going to pay the $378.00 just for the reg white organza decor for the beach but now that you mentioned the website above, that is greaT!!! As of right now just renting from the resort I am at $584.00 for chair sashes, table overlay and the white oranganza on the beach gazebo... and then when I asked about renting the chair sashes from Yinette, she told me if I want them for the ceremony and reception they are 2 seperate rental fees.. WHAT!!?! that is insane..unless shes just trying to make and extra buck.LOL For the bubba's are you bringing them all down with you or having it shipped down to the resort????? I am getting married on April 15, so I will see you there!!! Also I have some bad news... I have 47 people now booked.. and the hotel rooms are now sold out with Transat. I have 20 rooms and then we just upgraded to the honeymoon suite to free up our room and give to some one. I got the last honeymoon suite for when I am there, so thank god!! I was going to just see about an upgrade when I was down their but as soon as I found out it was the last one I grabbed it. Transat said that maybe they will get more rooms but as of right now the Toronto inventory for my dates are sold out. Argh!!!!
  4. Ocean123 (Nicole) Wedding: April 15, 2013 - Travel April 12-19
  5. This is throught Transat Holidays which is a Canadian based company.
  6. I just added mine Lozzawatts (Lorraine) Wedding: August 9th, 2012 Travel: Aug 7-12 erinme (Erin) Wedding October 11, 2012 Travel: Oct 9-16 nikkiandrich (Nikki) Wedding: November 10, 2012 Travel: Nov 7-14 SylvieG (Sylvie) Wedding: November 26, 2012 Travel: Nov 22-29 gina24 (Marcia) Wedding: Jan 23, 2013 Travel: Jan 19-26 ntlsnow (Natalie) Wedding: January 25, 2013 Travel: Jan 23- Feb 3 Danimontague (Danielle) Wedding: Feb 20, 2013 Travel: Feb 16-Mar 2 MCathWilde (Mary) Wedding Feb 25,2013 Travel Feb 23-March 3 TraceyJo (Tracey) Wedding: April 9, 2013. Travel Apr.5-12 DominicanAlly (Alicia) Wedding: April 11, 2013 Travel: April 6-20 Ocean123 (Nicole) Wedding: April 15, 2013 Travel: April 12-19 jlb392 (Jessica) Wedding: April 17, 2013 Travel: April 14-24 KristinaM (Kristina) Wedding: April 18, 2013 Travel April 13-27 missjade (Jade) Wedding: July 11, 2013 Travel: July 6-13
  7. Oh 47! thats nice.. So I assume you just have to pay extra for the 17 people over the Sand Extra package? unless you can negotiate when you get down there. My sister is a TA but is on holidays and specializes in Destination weddings so she told me about the future travel voucher and 300 off. But I just read my voucher and it was if you booked from April 1 - May 30 2012. I am not sure if you booked before that... The rate is $1100.00 taxes incl pp, it was $1300.00 but we switched the dates due to a big mix up with Transat.
  8. Hey, Ok so i think i understand this lol... So you have 30 seats on HOLD, but you told them to book 20 more right away on deposit? and NOT to take them from the 30 that are still on hold? I know my contract says 30 people HELD for 90 days, Then once I am over 30 then we get 20% more also.. I hope it is the same as yours because I think I am going to do the same thing !!! Yes I get the 12th person free, $500 future travel voucher for Bride and Groom and then another $300.00 off for the bride and groom only if we get more then 30 people booked. YAY!!!
  9. Hey Dominican Ally - I just had a qustion, my TA is on holidays and I don't think I asked her this. I have the 90 deadline too for 30 seats on hold. What happens if you go over the 30 people? Can they still come if its available and do they get the same price with Transat? 41 thats a good number!!!!!!!! I just started my 90 day expires on Aug. 3. I only have 6 book but I just mailed out the invites over the long weekend. Thanks!!!!!! btw - I had to change my wedding date again so I won't get to see your's!!! We now arrive on April 12 and the wedding is April 15 booo lol
  10. JPro - I looked into the DJ aswell but then opted not to do it. We are having the 4 hr reception at Las Brisas and just renting the speaks/mic and ipod dock and making our own play list. I know I asked around about this too and most brides said the ipod etc..then again its a personal choice. My friend was married 2 years ago in the DR and used a local DJ company for $200.00 USD... but turns out that person married and moved to Quebec.
  11. Great!!!! - Thanks for all the info! I was just wondering say I want to rent table clothes, bows etc do I have to let them know before I go? or do I wait until I get there? I just have some friends who were married at the Occidental and she said she was sent everything but didn't pick until she got to the resort and she said it's better to do it down there because then you can negotiate with them. She said The brough down all there own real touch flowers and the wedding planner then gave them all free centrepieces. When you say basic white decoration is that the $300 etc one? I think it is by your pictures. Thanks again!
  12. WOW!! Love it... too funny.. I have the exact same colours as you ! Great taste!! Are those the roses from the resort? I noticed in your pics you have the light blue bows on the chairs for the reception? Did you have to pay an additional $3.00 for each bow to have them at the reception?... I emailed Yinette about the extra decorations and told her I want the bows for the chairs at the receptions and she told me I had to rent them again, I thought that was weird!!!! I also love your starfish idea for the centrepeices... Did you bring them down with you or just buy them down there?... I assume once I arrive there will be lots more choices, i hope!!! I found the prices the same here to rent :s... One more question - Your reception on the outdoor terrace, what time was that at? Mine starts at 630pm but your looks really light out still which I like. Thanks so much! Your pics are beautiful
  13. The Ocean Blue offers a complimenrary wedding package.... Did you check out their website? If you want a private meal/dance you will have to prob book the Sand Extr package... It was $2300.00. I have emailed you the additional services. But they are not showing on the website because I think you need to Book it with them first or atleast email the hotel directly and they send you all the options. I booked last week for my wedding on April 15, 2013. But I have been working with my agent ( sister) since March because the hotel and the tour operator didn't have the inventory I need / the price I wanted to pay. I had to get my date switched 3x... but that was my own personal issue as I was being picky with the wedding times and such.
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