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  1. I got my dress from there. I have it posted a few pages back. I was completely happy. I recommend going with them
  2. Here is the top view Don't mind the paper funnel. We totally forgot to bring one.
  3. My husband made this for our sand ceremony. We included my three children, so we all had our own sand containers.
  4. Haha. That happened to my sister. She came to the wedding with her new boyfriend and her room was next to my dad's!. We did not have a honeymoon suite. I have 3 little boys, we needed something they could crash in.... they did stay mostly with family though. We actually enjoyed being with everyone and did not mind not having much alone time. I actually wrote to the reservations asst. manager about a week before we left and requested that we all be in building 11 (we stayed on the Jamaica side). We had 12 rooms booked and they were all in building 11, most with ocean views. On Vistaprint, we used the rack cards. The background was one you could choose from. I just made sure my script was down a little to keep room for the hole punch. We then bought a 1.5" hole punch at Michael's and cut a slit from the top corner to the center of the hole....It ended up that the way the door handles are at the hotel, we did not need the slit. Your guests will love them!
  5. Hello. We have been to the resort before. This was my second trip and my husbands 4th! lol. We did not have a bonfire on the beach, just a private cocktail hour (2 hours really) and we lit our sky lanterns that we brought with us. We did not have our dinner on the beach, and I'm not sure about the private beach bbq.. The Grand Palladium hosts a beach bbq (actually by the pool on the beach volleyball court) most Friday nights. We ended up not doing that. We had a non-private dinner in the Jamaican restaurant instead. You could totally do cocktails and hors d'vors on the beach as a private party if you wanted. I believe the cost is $15pp for the first hour. If you just want drinks (no food) its $6 pp per hour. Let me know if you have any other questions
  6. Hi. I posted on here a while ago, but I just returned from my wedding and couldn't be happier with my Dressilyme dress. I ordered custom measurements and changed the back to corset. I needed no alterations. It fit perfect and was beautiful. Total cost including shipping was $300. Here is the original and here I am in my dress
  7. We actually did not have a reception. We decided to have a cocktail and appetizer hour and then dinner reservations at Xayamica restaurant. Our initial intentions when we decided to be married on a Fri. was to utilize the Beach BBQ that is held which always has the steel drum band and sometimes the dancers. So we both decided that after our wedding on the beach we would have a Cocktail and appetizer hour held outside of Miss Lou's on the top floor of the Palladium and after that our guest would make there way down to the Beach BBQ however our incredible wedding coordinator (Lorraine Yapp) kept reminding us that the beach BBQ is not a given and we should exercise other ideas. We had a group of 30 so dinner reservations could only be made at a couple restaurants and we choose Xayamica which happens to be 50 yards from Miss Lou's which turned out to be a perfect combination. We had the back and it was very private and a very nice setting and the food was excellent... We choose the coconut shrimp and pumpkin soup along with the jerk chicken, vegetarian meals were Rasta pasta and the kids meals where chicken nuggets.. we had our own music and were allowed to play it... we had our cake cutting here and a few toast and the best man speech..... We can not emphasize enough how much the cocktail and appetizer hour added to our experience. We had our first dance there and our photographer had time to take pictures of our guest... I would like to add that we our so proud to say our Photographer was Brain Nejedly. He is amazing.... We originally wanted Merrick and he was unavailable. We asked him a very honest question and asked him if he would recommend a photographer to us and recommended Brian Nejedly.... He was perfect...
  8. Hi Sarah. Thank you. It was all so amazing. We did do gift bags. I think there was a picture of it...we did a Jute bag and my husband made a stencil and spay painted it on each bag. "Jamaica est. 2013" In the bags we had 22oz insulated travel mugs with straws. We made a logo label and put it on each one. We also included a first aide kit, advil, chapstick, hand sanitizer, drink mix.... . We made candles in little tin buckets to put in and added the door hangers and a welcome brochure. The door hangers we made on vista print and google translated them into patois. I attached the brochure below. I would say the things most used were the bag, cup and advil. We did not do any excursions. We thought of going to Ricks but everyone was so relaxed, it was silly to leave the resort. We spent most of our time at the pool, so we did have everyone go with us to the beach for the jerk hut one day. What we did do, is the night before the wedding, we rented the beach for a private cocktail party for two hours. It was amazing and was only $12 pp. We drank, listened to our IPOD (we brought a portable dock) and lit off our sky lanterns. I would totally recommend it. They set up a lovely bar, had lights on the beach and tall cocktail tables with table clothes. IT was so beautiful! If you want to pre-arrange something, you totally can. Let me know if you need a contact person. How many people are you having? Any other questions, just let me know. Happy planning .
  9. Sorry, having trouble posting picture. You are welcome to look at our photos at http://briandesign.com Go to "clients" Our password is Linsley
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