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  1. Hey ladies!!! I just got back from my wedding at PPC and all I can say is that it was SO MUCH more than I had expected or anticipated. The wedding coordinators onsight know exactly what they are doing and I can't thank them enough for a wonderful experience. If you all have any questions please feel free to ask and I will answer them the best I can. I will post a full review soon.
  2. Oops, That is $250 for 3 hours not 4. You can add additional people for $15 a head over 6 people.
  3. LoriOlivia, I am renting the Bridal Suite for my wedding on October 19th. I emailed the spa and here is what you get...2 bottles of champagne, 4 types of canapés, Cheese skewer, Avocadoand anchovy canapés, Caviar canapés, Canapés with tuna, Eggs stuffed with tuna,Spanish omelet, Skewer with guacamole and cheese sandwich (select your favoritecanapés) Tropical Fruits, Orange Juice, Water. The maximum is 6 people and the price for the suite for 4 hours is $250. I'm not sure when your wedding is but I'll post a review once I get back and let you know all of the details.
  4. Hey ladies! So I had made a previous post about how unhappy I was with my wedding coordinator, Cemone, through the Romance Team in Miami. I then found out that she is out indefinitely and that I had been placed with someone else on the Romance Team and her name is Jessica-Bianca with only 3 months left until my wedding. I felt like my wedding was completely out of my hands and that I was going to have to start over from scratch. To put it lightly, I was freaking out! I just wanted to let you all know that if you have the pleasure to have Jessica-Bianca as your Romance Team wedding coordinator then you will be absolutely thrilled with her! She has shown me such wonderful costumer service and has responded to every one of my questions within a couple of hours of emailing her (within business hours of course). In less than a month we have covered and confirmed every detail of my wedding for October 19th. She picked up where Cemone and I had left off, we had our planning call and finalized everything via email. I can't explain how happy I am with her! Good luck to everyone in there planning phase! Only two more months for me!
  5. Yikes! Cemone is gone? I haven't heard a thing from the Romance Team... I am going to call them tomorrow and see what I can find out.
  6. SimplenSweet, Once they have confirmed your wedding date and taken your deposit Cemone will send you a large spreadsheet of all of the available add ons including prices. The only thing that isn't on the spreadsheet is flowers so I have been emailing her with pictures and then she gets back to me about the pricing. It's great that your guests are getting a cheaper price however by going through my travel agent there is a deal that for every 5 rooms that are booked for 3 days or more, we get credit for a Junior Delux Suite (value of $876) up to 3 times. That is up to $2628 that we can use toward our room and my parent's room to help with cost. You may want to check on that if you can. Good luck with your planning! I am getting married on October 19th!
  7. Congratulation Kelsey!! I am getting married at Paradisus Punta Cana in October of this year! I haven't been there so I can't give my opinion on the resort but so far I have been pretty happy with the planning. I've read nothing but great reviews on brides who have had their wedding at PPC! Happy planning!!
  8. Question for you ladies who have already had their weddings at PPC... We are not planning to have a dj for our reception. My plan was to eat, do speeches, cut cake, etc and then join the nightly entertainment (band) afterward. We aren't too concerned with the traditional first dance, mother son, father daughter dances. With your experience at the resort, does this seem feasible?
  9. Cortney, Your wedding was beautiful and it makes me so excited for October! You look gorgeous! When did you set up your formal rehearsal? Did you make a reservation for your rehearsal dinner prior to your arrival or did you decide when you got there? Also, how did you arrange it to be at the Gabi Club? Did you request it? Also, did you get upgraded to Royal Service or is that what you booked? Do you recommend all of the guests do RS? I was thinking that it would be nice more me and my fiance but not much of a reason for the other guests to do RS. Thanks in advance for answering these questions! Leila
  10. Janine- I went ahead and contacted Lara with Caribbean Celebrations. She was quick to respond so I have sent her some pictures of my ideas to get some pricing. I explained to her that I have been working with Cemone with the Romance Team and wanted to make sure that getting some quotes on the decor through her wouldn't complicate things. I will let you know how she responds but her original email made it seem like it would be no problem. I feel like as long as Cemone knows which package I want and the locations of the the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception than the other details can be dealt with straight through Lara. Hopefully I am not complicating things... we shall see!
  11. Janine, I too am dealing with Cemone for my wedding at PPC on October 19th. I have spoken with her over the phone only once and I did think she lacked some personality. It has now been 2 days since I have emailed her with the areas I would like to have my ceremony, cocktail hour and reception as well as pictures of possible decor and flowers for quoting and I have yet to hear from her. I can understand that some of the pricing might take some time but a response of some sort would be nice. Also, the invoice she sent me did not have the correct package on it and I have asked her to correct this and email me a copy of the new invoice and I have yet to receive that. It's a bit frustrating to try and plan a destination wedding when you don't get much response from your coordinator. You are definitely not crazy!
  12. I'm getting married October 19th at PPC and my rates were pretty close to the same as Oct2012Bride.
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