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  1. so excited im leaving tonight and getting married on the 8th!!!!!!!!!!
  2. have you tried engraving shops.... i know their used to be one in bankers hall or land & sea down town
  3. can i make a suggestion and get something with a lid to keep sand and bugs out.... (i am assuming its for everyone going on the trip to your wedding to use when they are down there. I bought to go mugs off of ebay i believe the seller was factory 21
  4. luckily my sisters are my bridesmaids and well we a cut from the same cloth! hell i went dress shopping by myself cause i didnt want a production.
  5. I was engaged in March and had invitations out in two weeks... i never ever once thought i would be married back here... i am not your typical bride... i am not much for the details its more about family and friends and of course my fiance
  6. Getting married here Jan 8 2013... so far everything has been great with the WC!!
  7. no ot at all.... i am going very simple.... i dont want to have a bag full of stuff just for the wedding.... i am basically letting the resort take care of everything... i am just bringing my favor which are the travel mugs from factory 21 on ebay... that alone almost takes up my suitcase as I am up to almost 50 guests. Flowers also arent going to be a big thing for me as we cant take them home... I am trying to keep my costs down as I am having another party back home in apr for those who couldnt make the wedding.
  8. 47 days until i arrive here to marry my best friend soooo looking forward to everything!!
  9. 47 days until i fly out... everything is done except going for a dress fitting this weekend.... i am not worrying about anything at all!!!! it is what it is!
  10. I was told i needed to be legally married and to bring down the marriage cert when i came
  11. most people i have talked to do the symbolic ceremony down there... it was going to be between 300-400 to get my docs translated plus another 750 for the judge and then you need to have the doc transalted back to english and notarized with was going to be 200+ in order to get things legal up in canada.... another factor for me is with the symbolic the ceremony can be in english most judges only speak spanish down there so none of my guest would have a really good understanding. I also am not religious so that made the decision easier. I however am not telling my guest they are not seeing the "legal" ceremony... to me the important part is my family and friends around to witness a cereomy everyone understands but again this is just my personal preference
  12. S2BMrsJerace i found my bridesmaid dresses in edmonton at davids bridal they where very resonable... I should have my mugs by Novemeber and can let you know how they turn out.
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