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  1. I was just talking about the P90x with coworkers yesterday, I have heard alot about it but never tried it...really considering it but scared I will quit! LOL...this thread is maybe where I need to be!
  2. I had WLS in 2005 and have thought of joining WW again. I have lost a total of 160 pounds but have gained back 20 after having twins and getting married and want to start back to a program. What I love about WW is that you can still eat anything you want as opposed to a complete NO on some things. I started back working out this week, at 4 AM...so my week has been really good. The biggest problem that i struggle with is finding time to go to meetings. I know I can do the online portion only but the meetings are just so motivating. Who has done well with just the online or who cannot do without the meetings?? Thanks!!
  3. Check with www.vrbo.com or www.homeaway.com I have not rented for LV there but have for FL and TN. Good luck!
  4. We had a PH suite at the Mirage and it was just the 2 of us...but it would totally be big enough for a reception!
  5. Hey!! I wanted to introduce myself as I have been lurking for a few weeks now. My name is Sarah and I live in Charlotte and we are planning a DW for 2013. I had originally wanted to wed 4/20/13 but now I'm having alot of second thoughts. It was looking like it would just be the 2 of us but now I am thinking of inviting people and giving them the opportunity to go or not. I guess I'm already dreading the reactions and comments of people complaining of the costs and travel. BUT the more I think about it I believe that people spend their money on what they want to so if they have over a year to plan they could go if they wanted to. Which means I'm seriously thinking of changing my date to middle of June 2013 that way it would be summer break from school for those who have kids. We have twin toddlers and a teenage daughter but I am not planning on taking my own kids since it will be our honeymoon also. At first I was against kids period. But I know my BFF could not / would not go if she couldn't bring her kids...soooooo I'm swaying along the lines of allowing other peoples kids. Very confused on how things go. I have my 1st skype meeting with a TA tomorrow who specializes in DW and I'm hoping she has good info for me. We are prob narrowing down to Jamaica or Mexico due to affordability. So do I ask someone to be a bridesmaid before I invite them?? Because I'm afraid that the people who I have always thought would b in my wedding, will not be going. Also, are there any important questions that I want to know from TA?? So if I decide on a place and book...say it is for June 2013 and I book in May 2012...do I immediately send STD so ppl can be aware and save? Very excited to have a place with people in the same situation as I am!
  6. I am a new 2013 bride here. Recently engaged and planning for April 2013. We are thinking of inviting a few people, but it may end up with just the 2 of us. We are thinking Jamaica or Mexico. I have my 1st meeting with a TA tomorrow through Skype and I'm hoping that she has some good recommendations to fit what we are looking for as there are way too many resorts for me to pick. I had looked into a vacation in Cancun before and really liked Dreams so that is definitely one resort I would like to check out. Super excited to be planning...even if it is just for a small party. I have always wanted a destination wedding but for a few weeks after we were engaged I had looked into venues here locally but after looking at all there is to do I just felt so overwhelmed and knew that I needed to go back to our 1st choice of a destination wedding. I am honestly not sure that we will have anyone to want to spend the money to go but not to sound mean I'd rather it be the 2 of us away than 100 people here. So much to figure out and also what are important questions that I need to ask my TA when I talk to her? Thanks and I look forward to chatting with you all over the next year!
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