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  1. Is anyone else having problems getting on the Majestic Elegance Brides facebook page because I can't seem to find it anymore?
  2. Hello, I only two months away and I'm starting to get nervous. Has anyone heard anything about HDC photography? and in answer to your question DRBride 8433 I was reading on the facebook page that another person labelled everything for her music so that there wouldn't be any confusion. Example song 1 ceremony, song 2 bridemaids and so on. Hope this helps.
  3. I was wondering if anyone is doing oot bags and if so what are you planning on putting in them.
  4. I also had a problem getting a time for our wedding. After a dozen emails of going back and forth with the WC and changing the time and day of the wedding I finally got what I asked for originally, which was a late afternoon wedding also on a wednesday. I couldn't believe that everything was booked up already, but I turned out to be ok in the end. I just hope we have enough day light. When I looked at what time the sun sets for january it said 6-6:30 and our wedding is at 5 so I hope we get some good daylight and sunset pictures. I would just keep trying to get that time slot you may get lucky. They also told me that they do 5 weddings a day between the two resort which I thought was pretty crazy.
  5. My TA told me about these as well. Unfortuantely they can't be avoid everyone has to get one.
  6. We are doing a private party at the Wet bar so that includes seating for up to 40 guest with white linens and chair covers as well as sound system equipment and national drinks for $500 dollar an hour was the lastest pricing info that I have. I am going to do some simple centerpiece with candles and maybe a few others things, I'm not sure what yet. Also we are just going to bring an Ipod or mixed c.d depending on the equipment and just have it shuffle through the songs. Hope this helps I have additional pricing info. attached. Wedding additional Services 2011 - 2012.pdf
  7. Ha, that's funny I just got my dress this weekend too. I didn't realize I was cutting a bit close for the ordering but I ended up getting a sample dress anyway and brought it home that day. I will let you know how everything goes
  8. Thanks for the email and info. There's a lot to keep up with. No worries.
  9. No problem. I actually got them from one of the wedding coordinators at the resort
  10. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. We are getting married January 30th, 2013 @ 5:00 with a civil beach ceremony followed by dinner at the sea and see restaurant and then reception at the Wet Bar.
  11. I can't open this document would you mind emailing it to me. uttley974@hotmail.com thanks
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