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  1. Hi AndreaandAaron, Ohh, you're a double A couple too Our wedding is just over a week away (we leave next Thursday 6am!!), so I don't have time to switch florists. Lesson to be learned: don't take so long to make up your mind, so you have time to regroup!! Oh well, it will be gorgeous I'm sure.
  2. Thank you!! So, set back today.... the resort can't get my flowers as they are out of season!!! I agonized over my choice, as I originally wanted to feature phaleanopsis orchids (waaay too expensive), then plumeria (too delicate and not available) so I finally got all excited about hibiscus, and today got an email from my WC that they're out of season!!! Back to the drawing board I guess!
  3. My Shoes! My ceremony shoes I wasn't completely satisfied with them - they "needed something" So I started playing around with ribbons and jewels etc, and found the perfect thing - strips of rhinestone and pearl stickers from Dollarama! They completely change the look - I'm so pleased with how they turned out. My Reception Shoes I got a super-cute pair of white, low heel flipflops this summer and dressed them up with white satin ribbon and pearl beads. They came with the pretty bows. My bridesmaids and I actually had a shoe-decorating party, and we all added beads to dress up our shoes. They're all wearing the same wedge sandal in different colours, and added beads etc to suit their personal styles and dresses. Then we got creative, and they made earrings and necklaces to match too! Take 4 girls, add beads and jewels, mix in hot glue gun plus needle and thread, plus munchies, and you have a creative party!!
  4. Well I don't know if I'm crazy (good possibility) but I can't seem to figure out how to edit my posts... Here's all 3 bridesmaid goodie bags filled with treats I also put together a version for our moms - pashmina, lotion, sleep mask, sanitizer, lotion.
  5. Next up: custom hangers for bridal party (almost finished) and starfish napkin rings!
  6. My girls and I wanted to do something kind of fun and silly for some of the pictures, so I bought us parasols and then painted theirs (there's those acrylic paints again!) They are good quality paper parasols. I got my white one from Creative Bag, and then 3 white ones for the girls at a wholesale shop for $3 each. I used a sponge brush, and thinned the paint out with water so light will still shine through. I also painted the insides, but it's more of a wash (mixed even more water with the paint) just so the insides weren't white (although the darker colours showed through fairly well) Then hung them to dry. I also painted the top plastic cap with full-strength paint.
  7. I made the Sewing Kit bags myself I got these little cotton bags from Creative Bag for about $0.70 each, and acrylic paint from Walmart $2 ea (which I also used for a bunch of other stuff) Then I painted them with the corresponding colour and filled them with goodies -pins, needles and safety pins from Dollarama -mini scissors from Zellers (clearance!) -spool of thread from Fabricland I made one for me too My mom saw them, and now she wants me to make her one LOL
  8. I've been a busy bee the last while, and here's some of the fruit of my labour Bridesmaid Goodie Bags This one is for my "coral" bridesmaid, the other 2 are magenta and turquoise -colour coordinated pashmina -makeup remover wipes -travel sewing kit (needles, thread for their dress, pins, scissors, safety pins) -sleep mask -mango facial pouch -hand sanitizer -body lotion
  9. Andre finally finished our Boarding Pass Invitations (for all those going to Mx with us, plus Grandparents) I think they were well worth the wait! We had them professionally printed at the print shop around the corner on heavy cardstock. I made the brochures in Word based off the template in Vistaprint which is so popular with BDW members, with content ''borrowed" from several other BDW brides (thank you!) tweaked to suit us. I made the Pass Holders from blue scrapbook paper from Michaels, on sale 4/$1, then tied with raffia that I had in my craft bin (I believe it will also be making an appearance in our wedding aisle decor) The finished product!
  10. We've mostly brainstormed our AHR so far. We have a lot of family who can't come to Mexico with us (teachers, large families, no vacation time, etc) including both sets of grandparents. I'm the first grandkid on my side to get married, and I know my grandma is disappointed she can't be there. Also, there are a lot of friends that we couldn't invite to the DW. We are going to invite all the people who attended the DW of course, plus everyone we invited, plus all the people we would've invited if we'd had the wedding locally (if someone is offended, I'm sorry but too bad!) People who truly care about you will want to help you celebrate. We are telling people that it will probably be in June 2013 (so I have some time to recover and re-plan after we get home) and I'm thinking it would be fun to do it "family reunion" style, outside at a park with a Mexican beach feel. Mexican/BBQ food, games, music... I really just want an excuse to party We will not have a "first dance" or a ceremony, as this is what Mexico is for!! Not sure about the cake, might do cupcakes instead. We will show up in our wedding clothes, then change. And we will probably show video and pictures of the DW. We're on a budget so that's a big controlling factor for us too. At the end of the day, this is not a requisite, it's an extra that you are having because you want to include as many people as you can. There will always be those who have something to say - but it's not their wedding, it's yours!
  11. I am very sorry to hear you're having so much trouble This should be a fun event! We're also planning an AHR, and FI has put his foot down that he is "not paying for another wedding" so it's going to be very budget! I wish you the best of luck!
  12. Hi sgreen99, Wow looks like you and I are going to just miss each other! I have a travel agent/wedding coordinator, and she finds that it usually takes at least a week to get an answer back. We're at 39 days and counting, so this seems to be fairly par for the course right now. It is my understanding that the resort wedding coordinator will schedule a meeting with you once you're down there to finalize all the decisions. Unless you're waiting on information to make decisions that can't wait til you get there, I would say don't stress about it
  13. La Vie en Rose Aqua has cute wet swimsuit bags for $1.95 each. All female guests are getting one in their beach OOT bag Now to figure out what to get for the guys! Finally got all the stuff I've ordered so far from Oriental Trading today (shipped via favour from a friend of a friend who crosses the border frequently) I am pleased with the quality for the price. So now it's time to order the balance of goodies from there before I'm out of time!
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