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  1. Beautiful dress. My dress is from the same range... they are stunning dresses. this is mine: http://www.sotteroandmidgley.com/dress.aspx?style=JSM1235&page=0&pageSize=36&keywordText=&keywordType=All
  2. We are from the UK, so our guests were just a little over £1000 per person, for flights and an all inclusive week at the resort. Myself and my partner are going for 2 weeks and have paid around £1200 each, There a quite a few options for wedding packages with this hotel, but we decided on the free package. We only have to pay 250 USD for the wedding ceremony and minister. Much cheaper than planning a wedding at home. We haven't realy got a wedding budget as my Dad is determined to pay for everything, but we are not going overboard, so I think even with my dress in and a few extras, our wedding will only set him back £4500 to £5000, which isn't bad at all. There is a thread dedicated to Gran Bahia Jamaican brides on here, theres over 350 posts, a lot of reading, but well worth it as there is soooo much info to help you out.
  3. Hi, I'm getting married at Gran Bahia Principe in Runaway Bay, Jamaica in December this year. Absolutley gorgeous hotel and perfect marriage venue of gazebo or beach to make your vows. You should check it out ) And congratulations on your up and coming wedding. You'll find plenty of tips and advice on here.
  4. Hi all, Can anyone recommend what menu's are best from the Dolce Vita ?? I'm struggling to decide which options to choose for our wedding meal. Thanks
  5. I think the hotel must of recently switched which photographer they use. I emailed them a few weeks back and they were very helpful with the type of packages that they can offer, and very reasonably priced also. I thought the price might reflect the quality of their photos, but after being directed to their facebook page, they do offer some really lovely pictures. Take a look yourself. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002944100691 Hope that helps a little.
  6. Hi, Has anyone bought or buying the Maggie Sottero JSM1235 or the Vanessa. I'm in the UK and was wondering how much they sell for. So far I have just looked online for my perfect dress, I am still yet to go into the shops and try them all on... eeeeeek, can't wait !!!! x
  7. Congratulations fellow brides-to-be !!! I get married this year, December 20th at Gran Bahia Principe, Runaway Bay, Jamaica. Can't wait !!!! Has everyone chosen their dress ??? And if so, post a photo ) I'm still debating and need some inspiration x
  8. Many thanks to the both of you for all that information, it is really appreciated. Think we have more or less decided on the free package, and are just going to pay for the extras... although the unforgettable is very tempting, but I think its a lot of cost, especially when only a few of the extras stand out as a bonus How much was Merrick to hire JayKay if you don't mind me asking ?? Your photos are stunning, especially love the ones where you are jumping in the air. Thank you for the Jans flowers link aswell, i could not find that for looking. I'm going to email her for prices shortly. We are going to request that our time to be changed to 3pm, just so we don't feel so rushed. I'm sure someone mentioned on here that the sun sets quite early in december, so i think we would only have about an hour tops before we lost the light. I actually got an email back from Chandlyn today and she cleared a lot of things up for us... You think by now the hotel would have a Q&A page, as we all seem to have asked the same questions to the hotel at some point. Its getting sooooo exciting, as the wedding day we want is actually starting to come together. Don't want to wish my life away, but December can't come soon enough ) Thanks again for all the great info x
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm getting married at this hotel in December this year. We cannot wait !!! I was hoping for a bit of info from you all. I've read nearly all the posts on here, and I'm still a bit unsure about things, if that is at all possible as there is a LOT of helpful info on here, much more than I have received from the Hotel itself. We still haven't chose a wedding package, and was hoping for your expert advice. The one that stands out the most in the 'unforgettable' package at 850 USD. Are the marriage/minister fees included in the wedding package prices does anyone know ?? The gazebo looks gorgeous, as does the beach ceremony, so we are also undecided on where to hold ceremony. We get married at 4pm on 20th December, so were a bit unsure about what the weather would be like, and were waiting for a rough idea before we choose our venue for the ceremony. Do you think 4pm is a good time?? Was a bit tempted to see if we can change it to 3pm. Would anybody recommend hiring the Pisces for reception dinner ?? Originally we just wanted a beach BBQ/Party, the hotel have said they can accommodate this, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere with it. Since reading on here I am tempted to ask about the Gazebo now, as it seems like a really sweet idea for the night reception disco. Am i right in thinking it is the same gazebo as you marry in ?? Can anyone recommend any florists other than Tia. I'm sure I seen someone mention on here flowers by Jan, but I can't seem to find that post again or anymore info on it. Also, can anyone suggest any good photographers local to the hotel at reasonable rates ?? And maybe a daft question, but how ugly exactly are the chairs for the wedding ceremony ?? Do they really need the chair cover ?? I've seen in a few bridal photos (not for this hotel) that the chairs at the gazebo's and beach, were lovely wooden white folding A chairs, and they looked really pretty with a posy of flowers hung over the back support. Sorry to jump from topic to topic, I have a million of questions, and my mind keeps wandering... Has anyone got any good reviews for the steel drums ?? We like the idea of me walking down the aisle to one of our fave bits of music. The music from the film True Romance, its called the beach song, its by Hans Zimmer. it means so much to us both, it is my all time favourite film and it was the film my partner proposed to me through. Don't know if anyone has seen it, but there is a point in the movie, where she scribbles on a napkin 'you're so cool'. My partner edited that bit of the movie to read Lianne will you marry me ?? I loved it soooo much !!!! Any info would be greatly appreciated. We are in touch with Chandlyn and Donnalee at the hotel, and even though the language is English, i feel like a lot of info that I need is not given, or given but not in a clear way, so I'm always left unsure to be honest. Many thanks Lianne xx
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