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  1. My understanding is that they leave the late afternoon spots open during the high peek wedding season for civil ceremonies. It seems that the symbolic ceremonies are generally earlier in the day. I'm getting married here on 9/15. We do that the 4pm time slot on the beach but I was originally told that it was reserved for civil ceremonies. September is a slow season for them though, so I'm assuming that is why we are able to do our symbolic ceremony.
  2. I actually have a date reserved at the Majestic Colonial, but when we went to put deposits down this week, we found out they are renovating half of their rooms while we are supposed to be there. I'm trying to determine what I want to do now. I don't want people's good times to be ruined due to construction. My travel agent suggest this resort, but I'm having a hard time finding any info or even photos of weddings that have happened there. Have you seen any photos or reviews from past brides?
  3. I am thinking of getting married here in September. Has anyone had a wedding here?
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