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  1. Just tell him that after the meet and greet and wedding his vacation can start! Mike and I stayed for a week after our wedding and up until all wedding stuff was over it was a "working vacation" lol. Once you get there you will see how relaxing it is and everyone will hang out together! Everyone has to make their own fun and not rely on the bride and groom It's your moment! You can set up group tours once you are there. We used olympus and for example you can get a private cataraman if you can get at least 20 ppl to sign up and usually you and your husband will be free!
  2. http://060712esposito.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/ Hey ladies! Some people were asking to see my slideshow when I got it so here it is Enjoy and good luck!
  3. Use your soon to be WIFE card and coax him into doing the TTD! Mike is not a huge fan of picture taking either but it is so worth it! They give you 2 options for it....you can do it at the resort which takes like an hour or two or you can leave the resort, which we did, but it takes about 5 hours of your day. We met at 7 am and got back around 1. The shoot is a lot of work but something you will only do once and pics that will never be like any other wedding! Def do it!
  4. Not of the cocktail hour, but yes of the recpetion. If you send me your name I'll friend you on FB so you can see my full album. It was windy but in a good way. I loved having it on the beach bc I felt like if everyone is coming to Mexico that's part of the destination wedding to be on the beach. Everyone loved it. I saw some weddings on the pool deck which is also really nice. I just wanted no shoes, sand and ocean brezze.
  5. RollerBride: While we did spend a lot of thime there we were also all pretty boozey....lol. Desires def has the strongest AC out of anywhere on the resort thats for sure. When we were there the terrace parts were closed for construction so I didnt see that. I'm sure during the day and with lighting it would be a fine spot for your cocktail hour. It is a little bit of a walk from the gazebo but nothing bad. Just think about where youre having your reception bc it could be a lot of walking back and forth. Like I said to someone else, then your guests are kinda hidden off to the side while youre
  6. I think I friended you based on the pic....lol My DJ was Mauricio. Mine was on the beach, which I didnt really see bc we were taking pics, but I saw other wedding with theirs at the jacuzzi and i really like it because it is more private and your guests are kind of off to another spot while you are taking pics.....after the ceremony and toast we went to the lobby to take pics and worked our way back to the beach, which at that point everyone wanted to take pics w us and say congrats, which kinda disrupted our flow w the photographer. We had about 38 ppl which might have been tight at the jacuz
  7. My DJ was Mauricio but he is from that Visual Sound place. They know their music and can get anything. He even said if ppl make requests at the wedding and he doesnt have it he can download it in less than a minute. The ribbon was not 600...I was charged 111 with tax but I only had it on the side facing us. It's a 100 per side but i didnt bother doing both since no one can see it anyway. It might be 600 if you also get the two flower decorations as well? The flowers were nice, but you are literally under that thing for 20 mins tops so it didnt seem worth it.
  8. Send me your fb name/email either in private msg or here and I will add you! My setting are super provate bc i'm a teacher which is prob why you cant find me
  9. Totally was way better than we expected! I put up pics under my profile! Good luck w yours and don't forget to enjoy it! It goes so fast and ur in good hands!
  10. Glad it helped! I am uploading pics to my album on my profile feel free to check them out
  11. Love love love it! How did you get your slideshow already? So glad I saw your wedding bc I knew I was in good hands after seeing yours!!!
  12. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dreams-rivera-cancun-resorts-and-spa/reviews/6334 There's the link to my review!
  13. I just posted a long review of my wedding under the review section! So many ppl here helped me with my questions or fears I wanted to return the favor! Everything was amazing and I hope everyone has the same incredible experience that we did! I know you will!
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