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  1. I actually purchased them off Etsy. They have tons on there!
  2. Not just for the mugs, but discount mugs.com had tons of totes and bags that you could check out... I ordered all my stuff from there!
  3. I I think we actually all need to do this. I don't mean to cause alarm, but my guests weren't sick in the traditional Mexico way 😉 they were really sick with sinus infections, flu like symptoms. It all makes sense if basically there were germs left on the bar glasses so ultimately everyone was swapping germs. My dad was literally so sick after the father daughter dance he literally left my reception and he is anything but a wimp.... Could all be unrelated, but who knows...
  4. They did not have one in the room, not sure if you could rent one somewhere from the resort or maybe bring a cord and play one from a laptop attached to the tv?
  5. Hey Everyone! I just posted my review... You should be able to find it her... http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/now-jade-riviera-cancun/reviews/7230 Let me know if you have any questions!
  6. Honestly that is a good point about the glasses- I heard many of my guests making the same comments, and for what it is worth, I had a bunch of guests get sick that week. At the time we thought something was just traveling around but who knows... I'd say to bring your own!
  7. Hey! If your budget is around there, I would highly recommend checking out Del Sol. They have packages that fall in that range and I am beyond obsessed with their work... Patiently waiting for my photos
  8. In terms of the food, it was good. I said good, not great. But keep in mind this is an all-inclusive resort and I have been to many of them and I can't say that I have ever had great food at one. The specialty restaurants are better than good. I was worried about this too but honestly none of my guests complained. Remember that it is about the experience and your guests will like the ease of not having to pay per meal or drink which can really add up... Overall, don't worry about the reviews, I can assure you that unless people are trying to look for something to pick at they will have a great time and not worry about the food!
  9. Honestly I did not think they were bad at all! None of the kids minded and our guests thought they were refreshing.
  10. I would say both, clubby on the dance floor but there are also pool tables. Overall I would say more of a club and dancing feel
  11. We had 36 people, Cermony at Pergola, Cocktail and Mix Bar, and Bamboo room for reception. Originally we had picked the Ocean Terrace but I changed it before I arrived. I know others have said it seemed kind of narrow, but I actually think it would have been fine.
  12. We went to the Disco several nights. It was pretty much the same every night. It is a sports bar during the day. We went on a Monday first, and it was the final bball game. Totally dead until my group came in at about 10:00pm. We also went two other nights. One night had a bit of our group and another wedding party. It was actually pretty packed. Lots of dancing. The night of my wedding it was a small group of my own wedding and a bachelor party from Canada with some of their friends. If you want to have a good time, then you will. They play great music. I think they are open til roughly 1:30. There is also the Lobby Bar which is kind of low key and the Mix Bar by the Pergola. Plays good music, kind of loud but laid back. Never was very busy. There unfortunately are not any bars close by to go to. Your best bet would be Cancun or Playa, but pretty far unless you make a big even out of it.
  13. In terms of the wedding day, give yourself more time than you think- it is better to have everything ready than to be rushing around and alleviates a ton of stress. I think in terms of preparation, I would focus more on buying and bringing what I wanted or needed, and worried less about how it was going to look as they made everything more beautiful than I could have imagined. No problem with bringing the flowers down at all- I brought picture frames for table numbers, chair sashes, table clothes, votives, paper lanterns, candles, sea shells, a bunch of little stuff. I have been working on my review- I'm up to three pages!
  14. Although the disco was fun, I would say pretty dead until that nights wedding group made it over. However, they play great music and everyone had a great time. We did a dj and extended an hour, so by the time the wedding was over only like 10 of us went over. I think you would be fine either way.
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