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  1. Ha-ha I think the coordinators hate me too and cringe every time they see my name pop up on their emails. I really think it's all about perception and every perceives things in different ways. I complete agree with you in term of the resort itself- it is gorgeous and was always clean! While we spent a lot less money than we would have spent if we would have had a local wedding it was still a good chunk of change. In my opinion, a DW is cheaper because usually less people attend- when you break it down to an amount per person cost it is only a tad bit less if not about the same as a local wedding. At the end of the day the small stuff doesn't matter but I will stick to my original statement that I don't think you get what you pay for. By no means was it regrettable and I have beautiful pictures as memories but wasn't what I expected in terms of the service of the romance team and resort. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it really was my honest review. xoxo, Darlene
  2. I don't know why the little green bar for communication is so high... It's suppose to be at the very bottom!
  3. Thanks! Do you mind sharing with me the contact information of the people you emailed? You can PM me. Thanks!
  4. Kelly- Like the other brides mentioned I did not mean for my review to be mean spirited. I found myself coming to forums such as this one to get honest feedback about the pros and cons. While my wedding was not what the romance team promises at the beginning of this whole process I had a great amount of positive feedback! However, I wouldn't feel right not posting about my issues because I would hope that future brides already committed to PPR would use my feedback to be on the "look out" when they're day comes to ensure that the same doesn't happen. Additionally, a lot of brides who are still undecided come onto these boards to research reviews. I only posted the honest and candid review that I would appreciate. Like I mentioned in my review... Hopefully they were having an "off" week and this doesn't happen to everyone else. At the end of the day, the ceremony (which is what is important) was perfect and my pictures are great! Again, I do apologize if it was misinterpreted. As long as everyone marries their best friend at the end of the day it will be perfect! Xoxo, Darlene
  5. I didn't mean to be a "Debbie Downer" but if you still have time to make a decision I would research a little more. There were some positives.... The resort itself was beautiful, rooms were very nice as well, and the ladies at the spa for hair and makeup are wonderful!!!! I've been to other resorts in DR but never dealt with the wedding department so I wouldn't know which to recommend. I've heard the Majestic Colonial or Elegance (sorry can't remember which one) is great. But I've also heard that the resorts in Mexico do a great job with DW! Hope this helps! xoxo
  6. Â Hi, Unfortunately I experienced alot of the same issues you did :-( I was wondering why they changed your location and why you couldn't use the lighting. They had all of our things set up at the Olympus terrace (outside) and decided to move everything inside once it actually started raining. With that said, I couldn't use the overlays that I paid extra for or the Chinese lanterns. However they are giving me a hard time for a credit/refund. I've been going back and forth with them via email and they aren't budging (but neither am I!) also, who have you emailed? I've emailed Massiel from the romance team and Lara from Caribbean Celebrations. I've also emailed the manager of the hotel, Domingo, but haven't heard back from him. Maybe there's someone else I can contact. Thanks! Darlene
  7. Hi, Congrats on your DW!!! While I do not regret having a destination wedding I would highly suggest selecting a different resort!!!! PPR is not at all what you pay for! Hope this helps! xoxo, Darlene
  8. Hi ladies- Just got back last night from our week stay at Paradisus Palma Real for our wedding/honeymoon and I bring reviews!!!!!! I will start with the positives first: Hair & Makeup: All of the ladies were great and they did a wonderful job! We had a total of 5 people doing hair and makeup and everyone was extremely satisfied!!!! They do take their time (about 2 hours per person for hair and makeup) but it is well worth it!!! Wedding Coordinators: Yessica and Natalia were a pleasure to work with. During the reception my hubby stepped on my dress and pulled out a stich from the bustle and Natalia actually sewed it back on the stop. Unfortunately Yessica cut her finger during the setup and had to leave and was replaced with Mariela (her review will follow below). Ceremony: OMG I can't express how beautiful and perfect it was!!!!!!!!!! There was an amazing breeze (mostly due to the rain that was coming) but it was perfect and the pictures are spectacular. Photographers: We stuck with Arricefe (the hotel's company) and they did not disappoint! They did a great job and were soooooo nice!!! Most importantly they don't mind that other guests are taking pictures as well!!!! (I'm going to try and upload some pics a post them). Of course I decided to purchase more pictures than the ones included in my package and they gave me a great deal!!!! Dominican Trio: This was a last minute decision and I'm so happy that we decided to go with it!!!!!!! My guests really enjoyed it!!!!!!!! They were great entertainment! Abentos DJ: They did a good job Resort: The resort itself is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! Pool Bartender: Ramon at the pool is the best!!!! So now on to the negatives: Wedding Coordinators: Like I mentioned before, Yessica was replaced with Mariela right before the wedding due to an injury. My husband, wedding guests and myself were so disappointed with the customer service we got from her. I've never met someone so rude in my life. I don't think that she understands how special this day is for everyone because they have about 2 weddings a day. I'm in the process of discussing the lack of service with the directing manager from the hotel. Caribbean Celebrations (décor company): It started off great... During our initial meeting Lara was very nice and we went over all of the details. However, the aftermath of the wedding was the complete opposite. So it began raining right before the cocktail hour started. This is when the romance team decided to make the decision to move the events inside (cocktail hour and reception). Needless to say everything from the reception got soaked so I couldn't use the overlays and Chinese lanterns that I paid for. According to the romance team you don't get any type of refund/credit if something gets delivered whether it is used or not. I reviewed all of my invoices and contracts and its doesn't state that anywhere so I'm in the process of trying to get some sort of refund from Caribbean Celebrations. I understand that the weather can be risky but I don't think that it's acceptable to decide to move everyone after it starts raining! The centerpieces were also wrong so they gave me a $20 credit per centerpiece. However, I had to be on top of them constantly to get this done!!!!!!! Communication: There is a major lack of communication between the romance department and the rest of the hotel. The romance department made reservations for my group (without telling me) and they other members of my group were given a hard time when it came time to make dinner reservations. It wasn't a huge deal but just a pain in the butt.... Misc. Food: The food was your typical "all inclusive" food... it wasn't bad at all but it wasn't 5 star either. I would recommend Bana and the Market Grill. At the end of the day all that matters is that I got to marry my best friend and our pictures are amazing so I decided not to sweat the small stuff. However, I have to be completely honest... If I had to do it all over again I would pick a different resort because I was so disappointed with the service we received from the romance department and Caribbean celebrations. I'm hoping they had a "off week" and that the upcoming weddings are the complete opposite. I'm sorry to be such a complainer but I'd want to hear the truth ;-) xoxo, Darlene
  9. **** Waiting for a response for 4 days has been very frustrating***
  10. Thank you so much MissyBee... definitely very reassuring! I understand they are busy but I think 4 days without a response is very frustrating!!!! I hoping to hear from her/them today. Also, does anyone have an email address for the DJ company, Abentos? The email address that is on their information sheet is not valid. xo, Darlene
  11. Hi ladies- So I was transferred to my on-site wedding coordinator last week but it has not been what I expected. I was first put in contact with Massiel with seems to be the supervisor and she informed me that my planner would be Yesica (haven't heard anyone mention her)... But then when I get emails it comes from Maria. Also, they've been EXTREMELY delayed in getting back with responses. Everyone's positive expericences have me a little at ease but it's still very frustrating. Ps... We leave in 8 days and I've officially started to obsess about the weather... Of course I want great weather for the wedding but I also want great weather so that my guests can really enjoy themselves :-) Thanks for letting me vent ;-) Darlene
  12. Your pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!!! And thank you so much for your review... It really gives me peace of mind!!!! I have a question about the attire at the restaurants... How do most of the men go dressed? Are pants/slacks required at all the places? Are shorts ok? Thanks a million!
  13. Loved everything!!! I'm planning on doing the same thing. I hadn't thought about getting the water bottles from the hotel... Did they give you a hard time? I'm scared that I wouldn't be able to get enough. Also how did you distribute the bags to your guests?!? xoxo, Darlene
  14. So you had to bring/provide your own makeup? All makeup like foundation, eye shadow, mascara, etc? What's up with that?!?!?
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