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  1. I am getting married at La Concha on June 21, 2013. My wedding coordinator is Rosalina Torres. She is wonderful! She has helped me get a photographer (Tuty Feliciano), DJ (Jose Concepcion), officiant (Cory Casterton), decorator, and baker. And she has helped get me better deals on their services! If anyone has any questions, let me know!
  2. Hey ladies! Just thought I'd give a heads up for anyone that is interested in the Vistaprint Groupon again. It's the same one they've been offering... $17 for $70 worth of products from Vistaprint. Ends Saturday at midnight! Search under Baltimore. http://www.groupon.com/deals/vista-print-baltimore?c=all&dl=d47388&p=11
  3. Wow they look great!!! How long would you say it took you total? And how many did you have to make? Would you mind emailing me the template? I can PM you my email address.
  4. Beautiful dress elissae! Do you mind if I ask what designer and # it is? I am trying to pull together some of my favorites before I go dress shopping for the first time in a couple weeks
  5. Absolutely gorgeous Llkrik1010! I would love to know the designer and # as well!
  6. What a good idea! Saving this for yet another DIY project! Thanks
  7. Great job! And thanks for the instructions on how you made them... might have to try it!
  8. I ordered the 12 8-10" sugar starfish off Ebay for about $40, free shipping. I believe it was the same seller that you looked at, they just had multiple postings. I thought that was a really good deal until I read this thread! But it may still be a good deal if the shipping at Bamboo and Thatch ends up being a lot.
  9. OMG MsBlissMpls, I am IN LOVE with your dress!!!!! It looks gorgeous on you! What kind of material is it? Just wondering if it was heavy or if you were hot in it.
  10. I'm a PR bride as well!!! Still in the beginning stages of planning. I hired a wedding planner and I'm working on booking a resort/venue. Our date is June 23, 2013. I can't wait to hear your opinions of different venues! When are you going to visit? Do you know what venues you're going to look at? I've never been to PR before, and unfortunately I won't be able to visit before our wedding. Good luck with your trip!
  11. I'm a current PR bride!!! There doesn't seem to be many of us on here. I don't really have any advice to give yet, because I am still in the beginning phases as well. We are getting married June 23, 2013, but do not have a resort yet. We are thinking El San Juan Hotel & Casino or La Concha Resort, but they all seem so expensive, so that could change. The Water & Beach Club Hotel looks great! Who is your wedding planner?
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