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  1. I was told it is round tables at Calabash and if you have over 40 people you have to have a private reception.
  2. JCLarke79

    2013 Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Brides

    Have you sent an email? they have to send you an actual contract to reserve your date. You can call also and see if you get someone and ask if you date is available.
  3. can you please send them to me as well I can't open the attachement. jonelleclarke@hotmail.com
  4. JCLarke79

    Brand new - Planning a wedding in Jamaica

    Congratulations to all on on your engagement. You will find that there are many reviews on here on the different resorts as well as when you call travel agencies they will tell you some of the other brides thoughts on the resorts as well.
  5. Wedding Photography is important to us for so many reasons, first off because I never thought I would see the day that I am getting married so I want these memories to be able to look at this day over and over again, second because my fiance is the one that wanted an actual wedding, it was very important to him to have these memories captured. I wanted to just go to the justice of the peace and get married. I love him so much that a wedding was not important to me. Then I thought about being able to have my dad the first man to ever love me walk me down the aisle and I got excited about that. I am the baby girl and my father has not gotten to give any of us away so it will be nice to have the memories of my dad giving me away. We are very excited and we want the entire day to be photographed so we can look back at our wedding day and show our future children the day we got married.
  6. JCLarke79

    2013 Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Brides

    I think they do do decorations you have to check to see if they have the colors that you want. they are very flexible.