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  1. Here you can look at mine. There were done by Lilo (Italian guy, very professional ,good looking and funny http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/g/a/107453/default/
  2. I've used them and maybe we were just ''lucky'' but it was a wonderfull experience. I have over 300 pictures and most of them were just awsome. Here's the link to view a sample. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/g/a/107453/default/
  3. Below is a map of the ocean turquesa. I know it was there in 2009 the first time I went. It's the first pool (ocean coral side=left)
  4. just found the link : http://oceanhotels.net/en/hotels/ocean-coral-turquesa/restaurantes/le-petit-creperie.php I had my romantic dinner there... very nice!
  5. if you want poolside i believe it is call at ''Le Petit Crêperie '' french restaurant and it is very private.
  6. @ lisam I live in near Mtl (Canada,Qc) I did a couple of stores but I found every thing I need (even the shoes) at Moores http://www.mooresclothing.com/mor/index.jsp without getting rip off! looks great but I heard it worn fast (I don't care). @ Andrea yes i did! actually it was my second stay at this hotel. I was there in 2009 and when I saw it was such a great place to get married I didn't hesitate to go back. the + : Food (mikes coffee shop is such a great add on), rooms, lobby,pools, beach sand, 25 min from airport and off course ANNA! the - : the seeds, entertainment (night), no reservation at restaurant @ kleenotes we did a civil ceremony and actually it last around 25 minutes. I remember Anna ask us if we did want to do the traditional vows during the ceremony but we did'nt want too ( we wanted to do it in privacy on the lobby terrace... even if they were in french so probably nobody would had understand them at the beach lol) Here is a couple of pictures of the ceremony, you can see the Justice of Peace, they ask for the fingerprint also! that was pretty fun!
  7. We just came back from OCT and we had a wonderful wedding. I just can't thank enough Anna for all she did. I can put more pictures if you are interested.
  8. We just came back from OCT and we had a wonderfull wedding... i can't thank enough Anna for all she did. I couls send more pictures if you are interested
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