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  1. Awesome review Jordan! You looked beautiful and glad everything went well!
  2. Hey all! I can't believe we are less than a month away!! And we are leaving Dec 30 and going to be at the Royal Cancun for a week prior before everyone else arrives so I have less than 3 weeks to have everything ready! We are pretty much good to go I think. Just a few little things here and there to do. Part of me wants to start packing so I don't forget anything. Lol! I have been assigned Denys as my onsite wedding coordinator and have yet to hear from her...but I know this is usual from what I hear. I am working on music and have a few questions if anyone can help? We are going to be using a ipod/iphone for the ceremony and reception. For the ceremony I understand that someone from the resort will run it but how does this work exactly? Do I just have all the songs in order on a playlist? How do I know how many songs to have for guests seating/bridal party/family walking down the isle/bride walking down? Thanks as well for all your input and help! I know I am not as active on the forums as some brides but I am still on here alot and plan to do a review when we return!
  3. Question to future brides and past brides... Are you planning or did you steam your wedding dress at home? or did you do it through the resort? Thanks!!
  4. Hi all! Thought I would jump in here! I am getting married at the Royal Playa del Carmen very soon! I also did not like any of the floral centre pieces and had planned on bring my own glass vases (only need 3) with me and then was going to add a block/foating candle. Then I decided that travelling with glass was not the best idea.....I asked my wedding coordinator Maritza if there was any glass vases for rent and there is. There are a few sizes 10cm-40cm and are priced 9-15$. I am going to then bring either block or floating candles and will add some color to it somehow! I have a picture of the vases if anyone is interested! Jen
  5. Hi Ladies, Check out this thread! It dates back a few years but there is lots of recent input as well. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/17108/royal-playa-del-carmen-brides-were-kids-allowed-for-the-day-and-other-questions Congrats!!
  6. mae1564! I just realized your wedding was 9 days ago!! CONGRATS!! I hope everything went well. Looking forward to pics if you are planning to share!
  7. We are having our ceremony on the beach and then the cocktail hour and reception at the gazebo. I will def be wearing heels but plan to kick them off when I get to the beach and then put them on again for the cocktail hour/reception. My dress is hemmed to my heel height, I don't think it will be too long to wear no heels...or so I hope!! I think wedge heels is a good option if you wanted to keep the height. As far as I know the Royal PDC just puts down that carpet/isle runner. Go with what your dreaming of!
  8. Any opinions on the yummiest wedding cake!? I have read some say the "tres leche" but I do not see it as an option on the cake choices? Thanks ladies!
  9. It seems that past brides have been successful with this according to the reviews on here! I believe it is included in many of the wedding packages as well. It is worth asking for!
  10. My wedding coordinator Maritza said that the either the covered chairs or those white folding ones(I'm thinking these are the ones your talking about?) are included. I think the only ones that are extra $ are those black metal ones or clear ones.
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