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  1. Thanks so much. I've been reading various reviews on them and they seem to be mixed. Guess I'll wait for them to get back to me and will decide then. Thx!
  2. Hi all...does anyone have feedback on Arrecife Studio? I'm getting married at the Paradisus Palma Real next January and I was planning to shop around for a photographer. However, I had been told on another post that if I didn't use the photographer contracted by the resort, it would cost me an extra $1,000. I confirmed this with the Palma Real, and since I really don't want to incur an extra $1000 expense, I'm likely going to use Arrecife. Just wondering if others have used them or are currently planning to use them and have any comments/feedback to share. I've tried looking at their website, but their portfolios don't display for me (I've tried on two different computers). I've also called them, but got voicemail. Their vmail greeting is in Spanish, which is not a language I am fluent in. So, I decided to send an email. I'd by lying if I didn't say I was a little apprehensive. Just wondering what others' experiences with them have been... Thx so much.
  3. Wow....$1000!!! That's crazy. I booked this year for next January. Maybe I will rethink not using their photographer! Thx all!!
  4. Any recommendations for a photographer?? I'm using the DJ referred by the resort, but would prefer to shop around a little for a photographer. I've been looking, but would love a recommendation. Thx so much!
  5. Thanks so much! I will def post once we see the place. We are planning it there based on a few recommendations, so I'm sure it will be absolutely beautiful. I'm excited! :-)
  6. Hi erica12...I am getting married there in January . Also looking for ideas and feedback. Have you guys decided where to have the reception? We are looking at the Gabi club. We have never been there and will probably make a trip this summer.
  7. Thanks! They told me the judge was on "holiday" during the entire week I will be there. Go figure. Maybe he just announces his vacation schedule ahead of time. . They offered other dates, but then told me that the judge could change his mind later on. I def do not want to get there only to find out I can't be married! Lol! I will check out Pastor York. Best of luck with your wedding!! I will be a few days behind you at the Palma Real!
  8. Many thanks. That's what I had thought but was told otherwise. I am likely going to just get married in NY. Seems like it will be so much simpler. Thx again!
  9. Hi...apologies if this is the second message I posted. I just registered and I don't think my first went thru. Anyway....I am getting married in Punta Cana next January and was just notified that the one and only judge in PC is not available for our wedding. (We want a civil ceremony). A friend has recommended Pastor York and I'm just wondering what kind of feedback anyone might share. Thanks so much....
  10. Hi....I am planning a wedding in Punta Cana next January. Was just told the judge isn't available which is a bummer because we wanted a legal/civil wedding. A friend recommended Pastor Rick York. I see there has been some discussion here about him. Any feedback would be MOST appreciated. How did you get in touch with him or his associate. Can he really officiate a legal ceremony. . I was told it couldn't be done since there is only one judge in Punta Cana.
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