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  1. Hey girls- I got married at DRC on December 15, 2012. Here is a link to our video.. http://vimeo.com/m/61493545 I also have a bunch of pics on my FB page, so message me if you'd like to see them. Good luck planning ladies!
  2. Does anyone know if they allow glitter or confetti? I wanted to use it for my send off after the reception. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as spa appointment times? We have 9 people getting their hair done and my ceremony is at 4:00!
  4. Does anybody have the order of the ceremony? I'm trying to make programs! Thank you! desiree.malia@gmail.com
  5. Can anyone give me any suggestions as far as length of stay goes? I'm trying to book our trip with the travel agent, and I can't decide how long before the ceremony I should arrive (getting married on Saturday). I for sure plan on going home on Monday. Thanks in advance!!
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