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  1. Np I had so much help from past brides on this thread Anything i can do to pass it on !! But just from my experience the candles didn't stay lit on the beach . My centerpieces were vases centerpieces with a floating candles and none of my candles stayed lit
  2. Texasmandy Yes I was the same, didn't wanna spend money when it wasn't necessary, because the costs starts to add up real quick. Here is a picture of my beach set up its blurry as it was taking from our room deck but at least in the pic u can see the spot lights and see if its enough lighting for u
  3. Tulumbride2013 No sorry that might have been a bit confusing how I explained it. Before I got to the resort I was planning on setting up my own reception table as I did not want to pay the 200$ to have the resort set it up, but the meeting b4 the wedding you have with the coordinator I asked anabel if I put all my table decor together all my gift bags , name cards, centerpieces and gave her a seating chart if I could bring them all to her in the morn and she would just have to put them on the table and each spot and she agreed. Usually u would have to pay a set up fee as past brides said but I don't know if she didn't charge me because I had it all ready for her , as usually u give it to them and they put it all together. But glad I saved over 200$ , I hope I explained it a bit better lol
  4. Just know lady's that the resort does provide spot lights that gave off plenty off lighting so don't stress with their spot lights i wouldnt worrie about buying extra lights .my LED lights for my paper lanterns wernt very strong so it was more decorations but loved them , I don't know who your wedding coordinator is but Anabel was so nice I had about 40 paper lanterns and she charged me 150$. You have to pay seperate for the cost of ceremony set up and reception set up . Ceremony i had 2 colors of tulle to set up on canopy, hand fans, isile runner, chair sashes, rose pedals. anabel did tell me in emails if I wanted someone to set up my reception it would be 150$ just for lanterns and I think like 200$ for table so i was just gonna set up the table myself ,but when I got there in person I asked her if i put all my table decor together and take them down to her if she could just put them on the table b4 the wedding and she happily agreed. I had 4 center pieces chair name cards , gift bags at each spot, 10 luminary bags. in the morning of the wedding ,I set up my gift bags , name cards and vase centerpieces and she came to my room to get them and my seating chart and she had everything set up perfect b4 the wedding.maybe cuz I put everything together she just had to put it on the table that's why she didn't charge me the set up fee which i still think that was very kind of her to do and not charge me . But I was ok paying the 150$ paper lantern set up fee cuz I just have her all the lanterns and they opened them and set up all the lights in there which does take a bit long to do so it was worth paying for them to do that . I tryed really hard to not get to much extras besides what was included in the package so here's my wedding breakdown Sound system for ceremony 184.26$ Set up ceremony 144.50$ Set up paper lanterns 166.50$ 1 small bouquet for MOD 33.30$ 2 bags of rise pedals 46.60$ 1 flower for hair 16.65$ All those prices are including taxes
  5. Sorry still waiting on more pics as these are bad quality just took a picture of a picture
  6. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful wedding ! We had our wedding on the beach by the sea side grill and it was beautiful we brought our own runner, chair sashes, tulle, hand fans , and they were beautiful touchs for a great price online because the resort charges a lot to rent there stuff .. I did pay 130$ to have them set up my decorations for the ceremony and very glad i did cuz i wouldnt have had time . I also paid 150$ for them to hang my paper lanterns and they set up my table decorations at NO cost !! im very happy i brought the paper lanterns as it was a really nice touch and make it look more like a nice space instead of just a table on a beach . I highly recommended renting the sound system for ceremony as you wouldn't have been able to hear the music or the guests wouldn't hear you talking . We just brought an ipod docking station for the dinner instead if paying 500$ to rent the speaker and we are very happy we dated ourselves 400$ cuz the iPod station worked great . We had cocktail at the lobby Terrence and that was very nice We went with the dreams of love package , I got mixed reviews hors d'oeuvres some said they were tasty and some Weren't a fan! I personal wasnt that much of a fan of the dinner it was just the same food you can get at the Italian restaurant Dinner the chicken was tasty Cake ( three milk cake very good The hiccups !! I was very disappointed with the minister !! He kept saying my name wrong even when my husband corrected him he continued to say it wrong . . The wedding coordinator told him my mother wanted to say a blessing but she never got to cuz he forgot .When we went to sign the papers he said oh no I forgot my pen the started asking my guests if anyone had a pen, a little embarrassing :s when he finally got a pen he told my M.O.D to put my bouquet on the table while I signed the papers for pictures but he accidentally smacked my bouquet off the table and make some pedals fall off .. Looking back now I'm kinda laughing writing this cuz at the time I was kinda annoyed but now u just have to prepare for things to happen, but I suggest getting in contact with minister and telling him exactly what u want !! All in all the day went beautiful and u always have to prepare urself for a few hiccups.. that was only my main conplaint was the minister and the front lobby being disorganized
  7. I'm back from my wedding and still wishing I was there , lady's when past brides say your stress goes away when u get there it's very true!!our coordinator was Anabel and she was so wonderful and organized . I'm gonna share all my details and even the small hiccups that happen but they just adds to the memories Check in C One of my complaints is the front desk. I don't know if they are always disorganized or just because its busy season but many of my guests and I felt that was the main complaint of this resort . There is a man there not sure his name but was very rude. My husbands best man was checking into his room and we went with them and as soon as we opened the door we all plugged our noses because it smelt so bad of sewage. The floor was dirty and when we called he said I'm gonna send someone to see if its really as bad as you say . Then no one came for a hour so we had to go back down there and after arguing for 10 mins we finally got another room Hotel A The hotel grounds are gorgeous and everything is laid out very well so it never feels crowed . There is so much greenery and the people work very hard to keep it up. Food A Everyone loved the food here My grandpa who is use to Alberta beef was very pleasantly surprised with the steak at the seaside grill . Even the buffet food is tasty. There are 7 different restaurants so I don't think anyone will go hungry here . Only thing is about 10 people out of our 19 group including my husband and I at some point in the trip spend a day in the bathroom and for my husband had to pay for a doctor because he couldn't even keep water down and the doctor was asking a lot on what we ate so kinda got me thinking but not sure if its just the different food were not use to it but I have been to Mexico 3 other times and it has never happened but i can't be positive it's the food but just thought I would give a heads up Rooms A- all of the rooms were beautiful and spacious except that stinky room lol , we got ocean front but make sure ur on the second or third floor in the building by the sea side grill or the other far building because you get a view of the ocean . Our first building was on first floor and very loud and only a view of the pool. If the ocean view is very important to you get ocean front but I didn't find it worth it as the rooms are no different and exact same in size . My moms room which was a junior suite garden view was bigger and never upgrades so that was kinda disappointing as we paid an extra 1,200$ for our ocean front room Hair and makeup A+ Beatriz did my hair and makeup and was such a sweet lady and did exactly what I wanted it did take a bit longer then I expected so give urself lots of time !! Wedding A + Wedding coordinator ( Anabel Wedding (beach by seaside grill) Wedding dinner ( beach by seaside) Wedding time (4pm)
  8. Hey Appkate I leave this Friday and I am nervous as well, I just want everything to go smoothly!! I am bringing my own chair sashes , hand fans ,tulle, centerpieces , name cards , paper lanterns , iPod docking station for dinner . I believe they charge u 150$ to set up your decorations for ceremony which me and friends are gonna do our selves , they will charge me 150$ to just hang our paper lanterns and I think around 200$ to set up the decorations for reception depending on my many centerpieces, name cards ect u have. For Us were having the wedding on the beach and heard its best to rent their speakers cuz it can be hard to hear with the waves and stuff I believe thats 200$ for 20 mins , and for the reception to rent speakers for 3 hours its 500$ so i bought a docking station for 169$ and gonna do that .I'm gonna set up the ceremony myself but prob pay for them to do the reception as I don't want to rush my pics to have to go set things up ! The resort does charge ALOT of money to set up decorations but for me it's cheaper still then using their stuff Hope this helps a bit
  9. Yea I don't see it either :s maybe just hit reply on the last post and try posting it that way , the way you normally reply to a post . That's the only thing I could think of lol
  10. I was told from a past bride That the relaxation pool can be noisy as it is right near the night entertainment and the dolphin pool has more room then the relaxation pool . I hope this helps ladies
  11. Landy said they will have another area for dancing so I hoping another bride can give us details and pics to confirm this as not being there is hard to know how it is lol first she sent this Beginning September 3rd, the Desires Music Lounge at Dreams Tulum will be closed. Nightly entertainment will be provided at the Sugar Reef bar with a selection of music and cocktails. In addition, the sports bar, adjacent to the World Café, will be open from 10:00 pm until 1:00 am. To further enhance our guests’ experience, Dreams Tulum has recently opened their brand new rain forest spa cabin specializing in wine therapy treatments. Also, a smoothie bar has recently opened for guests to enjoy a wide selection of fresh fruit shakes and frozen treats.  I hope it won't be at the sugar reef bar because that's not very private :s
  12. This is the email I got from landy In relation with the disco desire will be close since September and the location where we have it know will be something else I'm just hoping they have another area for dancing as It is not in my buget to have a dj . I'm just hoping someone who is going soon can let me know and maybe take some pictures . This is just adding more stress
  13. Thanks for the tips sheena 2011 ur right Also any brides that are getting married in the next few months can u please let me know what they have for dancing as the disco will be closed starting sept and that's where we were gonna go instead of having a dj so I'm kinda worried now
  14. Yea exactly lol and no I havn't heard of that .. What is it that ? And I'm just having a hard time cuz there's like 9 young people and the rest older so I don't know if I will do a dance or just all us young people go to the disco , I wanted a bonfire but they don't do that anymore and any other entertainment get very costly and I'm trying not to spend much on extras :s
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