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  1. Some shots of our beautiful wedding decor. Mayte really outdid herself yet again... Photos by Katya Nova Photography
  2. Some shots of our beautiful wedding decor. Mayte really outdid herself yet again... Photos by Katya Nova Photography
  3. Yes, exactly, the white couches. Mayte quoted us at $150 USD for that set up around the dance floor.
  4. Our photog is K a t y a N o v a too! Good choice!! We finally chose a meeting time/date, so we meet with her on February 18th at 3 pm. We are just paying cash for the services and credit card for food/alcohol. I have a quote from Mayte, but it will be changing slightly because we are adding a lounge area around the dance floor and she also said some of the vendor prices might change, but hopefully not! So, I totally understand your nervousness!! I'm sure everything will work out perfectly for us both. We just need to try and relax and enjoy the trip, which is easier said than done!
  5. Sorry for my delayed response! I just heard from Mayte and am waiting for my fiance to get back with me with the date and time that he prefers to meet with her. She said either 8:30-9 pm on the 17th or 3 pm on the 18th. I'm glad she responded to me before we leave on Friday. Who is your photographer? The first look photos at Jellyfish are always so beautiful!
  6. Congrats!!! What time are you getting there? Maybe this will give me a better idea of what time I can expect to have my appointment, before your wedding.
  7. My fiance and I are having our wedding reception at Jellyfish on February 20th. We are supposed to meet with Mayte on Sunday, February 17th to go over the details and make final payments to the vendors. I am still waiting on a time to meet from Mayte because she has a wedding that same day! Getting a little anxious.. I hope to hear from her soon.
  8. The outside vendor fee is $150 at Dreams Palm Beach. I'm having to pay this fee for our cinematographer, hair stylist and makeup artist - crazy I know! I had booked our two photographers back in 2012 when the outside vendor fee was $89, so the resort is keeping it at that rate for them. Quote: Originally Posted by cinnagirl LindsayOO, it looks like your wedding was a blast! Thank you so much for sharing your review and your photos. I'm so happy to hear that you had a perfect wedding day. Mayte sounds like a gem. I didn't even realize there is a Dreams Palm Beach facebook group - I just sent in my request though since that's where we'll be staying. Did you have your photographer come to the resort as well? I was just wondering if you knew the fee for bringing people to the resort.
  9. I meant to use the quote option. oops! Can't wait to have you film our wedding day!
  10. Thanks so much zogalak! I am happy that the lanterns are allowed. This will be awesome to watch on the beach by the ocean.
  11. Can someone please send me the 2013 price list? My email is ashley_toon@hotmail.com We get married on February 20, 2013 and I recently received a quote from Mayte but I want to make sure the prices are accurate. Thanks!
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