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  1. Hi brides, I was wondering if anyone can share their hair photos from Rashel Edwards assistant that does hair? I can find a lot of pics of makeup but not of hair. Thanks so much!
  2. Hi brides! I am getting married at the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort. I was going to book with Kevan Stewart from Jamaica Wedding DJ after reading great reviews but he's booked for my wedding day He said his partner Dwight Buck is available. Anyone ever had him as a DJ?? Can't find many reviews on him... My other option is to go with the resort DJ which is Damane Scott from Irie Jamz Entertainment. Any brides used him before? Any feedback would be much appreciated, need to make up my mind soon! Thanks so much
  3. Hi my wedding coordinator gave me a contact o Damane Scott from Irie Jamz Entertainment. Has anyone used this DJ? I was going to book Kevan from Jamaica Wedding DJ after reading some great reviews but he's already booked for my date! I was hoping I can get some positive reviews about the resort DJ, I couldn't find many when I searched online. Thanks!
  4. Hi I am trying to decide what entertainment to have. Has anyone had the Zurielamaka show :Limbo & bamboo dancers, fire eaters & contortionists? Any reviews on it would be much appreciated! thanks!
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