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  1. Welcome back! Can't wait to read your review! And of course, congratulations!!
  2. Haha. Yes! I looked at the teal ones too (a cute something blue/thought it would pop for pictures) BUT couldn't pass up this look/cost! Haha
  3. Good idea! I was stuck on Maxi dresses, but coming from Chicago it's almost silly! Haha
  4. I got these Badgley Mishka pumps from www.lordandtaylor.com and they go so nicely with my vintage-y theme. I have never shipped at lord and Taylor, BUT they had these shoes for only $70 as opposed to $200
  5. Thank you so much! I am just excited it is finally close- this site and everyone else's threads helped me incredibly and I always promised myself to do one (and a review).
  6. 18. Out of Town Bags I was dreading these and went back and forth about a thousand times if I wanted to put forth the effort...I have and am now stuck trying to pull it all together. I really wanted a way to thank everyone for coming down to Mexico, but didn't want them to look tacky. I about died when my mother-in-law offered to do them and suggested Mexican candies/chips and small towels for the bags and immediately took them over! (this sounds mean, but I swear- what about this wedding so far screams "Mexico!" how cheesy would that have been?!) Anyhow, now that you all think I am a mean girl- and again, I swear I am not!- let's move on. I ordered plain canvas bags with the following screen printed onto it: They were $2.15 each and I ordered them through Totally Promotion. Since the whole point was to thank everyone for coming, I ordered the following Welcome/Thank You/Itinerary Cards from hvh941 on etsy. She was absolutely lovely to work with! They came out $2 a card, but that includes the double sided linen card, envelope, and custom sticker. The first is the example and the rest are the proofs for ours! Billy wanted cups. And he wanted color. The following is our compromise from discountmugs.com. I think they ended up being $1 each. I am sure people will love them, whatever : I also ordered custom water bottle stickers and did task the mother-in-law with buying those in Mexico (she is getting there 2 days before us). And my mother ordered vintage postcards and we are putting 2 in each bag: 1 that will be addressed to us for our guests to write down their favorite memory of the weekend and the other for them to keep/send to someone else! I don't know where she got the postcards from, but I do that she worked with packandpost on etsy to get the vintage stamps (that we also used for the invitations): Is there anything else I should be considering for these things?! HALP.
  7. 17. Guest Book I did not find ANY guest books that I could imagine keeping (I am the opposite of a pack rat- I throw away everything!) until I found this Guest Book Box made by braggingbags on etsy:
  8. 13. Groomsmen Billy chose these on his own and my only direction was "Whatever makes you happy." They shirts/pants are from J.Crew and the shoes he ordered from Zappos. He turned to me this morning and said "I forgot about belts!" haha 14. Wedding Programs I ordered these from LilyAmongThornsBride on etsy and they should be here this week! I liked that they were different and Kate's husband (the awesome photographer: diapersandskinnyjeans.com) thought they would make a great picture! With all of the etsy vendors, I tried to be as easygoing as possible, so I would literally tell them: keep the font, coloring, materials, etc as in your posting and just change the names/location! 15. Bridesmaids Gifts: I am paying for the infamous Adrian from Styling Trio to come do our hair and makeup as well as these robes (that just arrived today!) at $50/each from Underwrapz on etsy: I also ordered some for my mom and mother-in-law! I ordered these for everyone to wear that day, WAY cheaper than the original idea I had to get them pearl studs from Tiffany's! They were only $12/each from PearlyJaneBridal on etsy: And finally, these beautiful and handmade thank you cards from ifiwerecards on etsy for only $3.50 each!: 16. Cards for Mom's and Dad and Billy (and my Aunt Pat who purchased the cake and helped with a ton of the planning): I also got these from ifiwerecards on etsy, they ranged in price from $7-$15 each. Again, I requested them as shown and with only our names changed!
  9. This may seem like such a silly question, but what is everyone planning on wearing for the flight down/dinners while you are there?! Doing some online shopping on my day off
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