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  1. Sorry I didn't know the best place to put this thread. I guess the topic isn't too common in these wedding forums.. MY OH and I agreed to get married and booked everything in Feb this year. Wedding is in August 2012. Since then my mother has been so negative that I can't talk to her about the wedding anymore and that has put a downer on everything. I could handle that on its own but for the last 6-8 weeks my OH has been really bitter and moody about the whole thing saying I have forced him into booking it and we just don't have the money and it's all my fault. He still wants to get married but when we have the money readily available. I asked him if we should postpone and he said he would rather not if we didn't have to, but then bit my head off saying we should never have booked it in the first place. I haven't had a single positive thought about the wedding for about 2 months now and can't help but feel that postponing indefinitely is the right way to go. Invites aren't out yet and I wont lose much in the way of deposits. The only thing that cannot be postponed is the dress as it is too close to final payment so i will have to still pay for it and have it made. I read online that, if you have been having doubts or feelings of dread for longer than a month you should postpone. I am just worried as OH already thinks I'm selfish for booking the wedding, now he'll think I'm selfish for postponing it. Please help, I'm going crazy here!