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  1. Hey guys! Just posted my review from our wedding last week! Hope its helpful! Good Luck in all your planning!
  2. Those look amazing!! Great idea with the frames! Mine came from the dollar store too but you would never guess with yours!
  3. Ours is going to be just over 2 months after the wedding.. and it's technically the "real" wedding since it's when we're going to sign the official papers.
  4. This is a picture of the programs. Just one sheet, nice and simple and cheap! Then we used the stamp on 200 cocktail napkins and stamped the word "begins" and the date below it for cocktail hour. FI's nieces were super excited to help out and stamp them all. Which is good because I don't know if I would have been super thrilled to stamp 600 times lol
  5. Pilar sent me a wedding contract and in the first half it tells me that the DJ for 4 hours w/tax is 1110.00, then later on in the document, it says that the DJ for 3 hours is 1165.50 w/tax.... no clue how an hour more is actually cheaper.. My FI said we'll just figure out the price once we get there face to face I can let you know in two weeks what actually happened (wedding is April 2nd)
  6. Sorry, I'm on the side you probably don't want to hear but if it's a family cabin, then your sister should be able to have a happy wedding there too. I would work with her a bit to make sure that they're both individual ex, different caterers, DJs, colours. Maybe have the ceremony in a different location, one on the deck, one in the garden, etc? But there's no reason that you both can't have beautiful weddings there. I also like inloveinkorea's comment that it is just a day, you don't get a week or a month and you certainly don't want it to cost you a sister. Scream really loudly in your own home and then put on a smile and go look at dresses with your sister. Now you get to have your nails and hair done twice in one month!!
  7. Our wedding is next week so our numbers are pretty final. May 2012 we sent out invitations to 91 people. Sept 2012 when our deadline for our travel agent was we had 63 people booked which included 2 extra people we didn't originally invite (my parent's friends asked to bring their son and his FI) April 2013 our number now stands at 61, my great aunt and uncle were forced to cancel due to health reasons (MAKE SURE that any older members of your family have health cancellation insurance!) And, everyone we thought would come did, and the invites we sent to "be nice" didn't book. We didn't really have any surprises. We knew that if we gave people enough time (more than a year) people would have lots of time to book off work and save up.
  8. I made programs (with help from future SIL and nieces!) at home in Word and printed it on a little heavier paper. I bought a really cute stamp from Michaels that says "Happily Ever After" and we stamped the bottom in blue (colour of the wedding) and I think they look really nice and simple. Cost was next to nothing and I think it's a nice thing, I know when I sit at weddings before they start, I'm pretty bored and I like to have something to look over and read.
  9. We're getting married next Tuesday, we have three girls getting their hair done and one make up and for a 5pm ceremony, the hair is starting at 130pm which will leave us with just over an hour I was told.. After the reception is over, we're all going to head to the sports bar and continue drinking, ours ends at 10pm which is way too early in my opinion but we'll just continue on elsewhere! SO EXCITED! I picked up my dress today
  10. Hi Meagan, I was in on the webinar last weekend. It went alright. There wasn't too much information that I wasn't already aware of from reading their wedding guide online and looking on here. The only real info that I got from it was to book the spa 45 days ahead of time to make sure that you get it for your hair and make up. Also, they do have Tiffany chairs but they are at a cost of 10 +tax per chair... too much for me for sure... I'll just be going with the white chair covers and bring my own bows. Also, the round tables hold 6-10 people and the long table holds 40 people.. In addition, if you go with thier package and photographer, you can purchase the cd with all your pictures on it for 350 dollars. So, actually learned a bit now that I reread that post. We're going for a on site visit next week so I'm super excited!
  11. All signed up for the webinar! Now I just have to remember to get up early that day....
  12. This is a review of:

    NOW Jade Riviera Cancun

    Wedding Review - April 2nd, 2013

    Pros: pretty much everything!
    Cons: the resort's photographer
    So we just returned from our week at Now Jade for our Wedding. It was a gorgeous wedding, exactly how we wanted it! I'm going to try to be pretty detailed because I've read some of the forums and there seems to be a lot of confusion out there. I know others have said it before too but, DON'T WORRY! It really will all turn out perfect!! We had 61 people including FI and myself and were there from March 31 to April 7th with the wedding on the April 2nd. We chose the Divine package with pergo
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