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  1. I need a little help who are you guys all tipping regarding your wedding and how much is appropriate to tip them? Thanks!
  2. Hey ladies I am getting married in 10 days at Now Jade and I need a little advice. I had two menu options the Beef steak or the Tuna Steak. I have printed off two different menus. How does a person get the guests to go to the correct seat at the table where the menu they chose should be. Do you have a table with pieces of paper that have their names on them and what table they are at. Then from there put each name on each place setting. That seems a little ridiculous but I don't know how ettiqueite says to do it when there are multiple menu choices. I would like the servers to have some clues as to which meal goes to who without asking them. I am sure if they had to ask them half the people would not remember what they wrote down. I too have been trying to get ahold of Pilar I havent talked to her since I booked the package. Since everyone says it will all just come together in the end I have been trying to leave her alone. I requested a DJ but never got a confirmation what so ever. I would like to atleast be able to have the DJ's email address to requests specific songs.
  3. hah I am getting Married January 25th 2013 its right around the corner!
  4. Wow..... you just saved me a TON of money.... Thanks so much. I totally recommend Vista Print to at least to do At Home Reception Invitations
  5. I know this was asked before but I cannot remember what the answer was.... Are we allowed to use sparklers at the resort?
  6. The only thing is I got a videographer from outside of the resort lol becuase I fell in love with your video. I didnt realize that was the resort videographer! but this way atleast my photographer and videographer are from the same company so they wont be fighting over who gets the first shot and what not.
  7. Does anyone know if they were able to exchange the videographer for something else?
  8. I just ordered mine from Amols. They are a VERY VERY good deal. They are completely authentic. My and the Fiance even broke one open because we are children and just wanted to see what they looked like inside : ). It is a real gord that they hollowed out and put little rocks in. they are only 2.00 for 2 of them!!!! You cant beat that!
  9. OK! my last question I promise. Does anyone know if they plan on having a camera film the wedding so people back home can watch it live? I know on the site it says they have plans for it in the future I was just wondering if they were going to do that
  10. Also does anyone know if there is a link to see Adventures video from past weddings. I have yet to see what they can do for video. I am on a tight budget and do not want to go with an outside vendor but I want to determine if I should get more hours of video. I saw their website for photos which seems pretty good. Obviously Del Sol is going to be amazing but I cannot afford them.
  11. That would be awesome if she allows you to swap out the 45 minutes of live music for a DJ. How did/ do you guys plan on playing music for the wedding. Did you just rent speakers and have them set up by the Pergola? How many songs did you guys have play during the ceremony. I am just thinking only having 2 songs because it may be awkward just standing there while music is playing.
  12. I know they have Corona on tap.... only because I saw a picture of it being on tap. They said they serve premium drinks but I dont know if that means premium alcohol in them.
  13. Has anyone had fire dancers before. I am not much of a "dancer" so I was thinking fire dancers could be a possible replacement for a dance. I wonder if NOW Jade allows fire dancers? Has anyone looked into something like that or had them at your wedding. Or any other form of entertainment then a dance.
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