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  1. Hi Ikterry, I was sent that same look also, wasnt to sure i liked them very much either pluss way too much and wasnt fitting with my color scheme...not sure of what direction to take as yet.
  2. kool, thanks ill look into that...your day is drawing much closer!!!!
  3. Hey blujaye, Who did you go with for your floral...your wedding day is 20 day's before mines
  4. blujaye.. for real, not sure if I should be nervous, My date is Oct 26th.
  5. Great!! Ashleyp13, Thank you so much for that info. i will look into getting that steamer. I know what you mean about letting the dress out of sight...im totally scared!! my dress also has a lot of beading and train. I also sighted a little stain on my dress but proberly wont be noticeable...Jamaica on a whole is so very laid back...till it's a little annoying sometimes especially when you use to things moving a little faster. : D
  6. : D Yeah for real!!! i was the same way with mines too. To all RIU brides, quick question, what did you do in regards to your dresses when you got to the hotel? how did your dress get steamed or cleaned if it got any spots in transiton? curious to know. and what was the price? thanks beginnin94
  7. Lol, i sure hope so too..Just had my dress shipped today cant wait to try it.!!!!
  8. Yes you will have a wedding planner, her name is keisha...you won't hear to much from her in the early part but if you email her.. Mice.ori@riu.com
  9. Hey Krista, any info i come up with I will be glad to share...I'll be at the riu in october.
  10. I love this idea, there are really cute!!
  11. Thanks Blujaye, It is true that the bars are really very close together. so there is really not a need to pay extra for an open bar. I am actually have a private reception, so I cant remember if I have to get an open bar...I must inquire about this. I'm all about saving money.
  12. And CONGRATULATIONS!!! I forgot to say before.
  13. Hi Tiggy, look out for my email,from yahoo.com.
  14. Thanks Gurrl, I was really thinking the same thing as your husband.
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