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  1. Thanks Tlseege! Your a wealth of great information! Any ideas as to which buildings are the best to stay in for Coba? I think the rooms over looking the pool would be best since none of them have ocean views?? Have you been to the Golden Selection, any idea what those rooms are like? My wedding is also at 4pm...on the beach but Maria didn't say which one..I'm hoping it's the Hammock location. I should probably get Maria to confirm that! So I'm thinking I won't have the cocktail hour...but maybe have everyone meet at a specific bar or location after the pictures are taking and then the meal would follow shortly after at the Portofino. Also any ideas for people to get to know one another? Most of our guests will be coming from various hubs in Canada and most will not know one another. I was thinking of asking Maria to set aside a few tables for our group and have a brunch the next morning so we can hand out the OOT gift bags/ mugs and give everyone a guide of a few events that we have planned. That way if people want to come they are more then welcome, but it's their vacation too Thanks, Adel
  2. Thanks for the info on the Portofino Restaurant!! I've been looking over the Gran Bahia website ....can anyone tell me if the Tulum, Coba and Akumal are all in the same location (can walk from one resort to the other) and which is the newest one? I had originally thought that Coba (set back from the beach) and Akumal (right on the beach) were in the same location and that Coba was the newer one....but I assumed that Tulum was not part of this area? If it is can someone advise, which resort is better and why? I'm ideally looking for book at the newest one... I'd just like to be able to pass this info along to my guests so they understand where to be booking etc. Help!!
  3. Hey Girls! My wedding on Dec 12, 2012 and I was wondering what the Portofino Ingles Restaurant is like? We have about 50 guests coming so we have to have a set menu and I was thinking this would be nice for a menu: Starter: Salmon Carpaccio/Flourtine Salad Soup: Cream of Mushroom Soup Main Course: Chicken Alla Gorgonzola Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. Hi Girls! I'm getting married on Dec 12 2012! Any ideas as to what restaurants would be best to have the reception dinner at? Since we have such a large group of people coming to our wedding we have to pick a menu, I was think the Portofino Restaurant. Menu Starter: Florentine Salad or Salmon Carpaccio Soup: Cream of mushroom Main Course: Chicken Alla Gorgonloza. Any one eat at this restaurant, how good was the food? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!