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  1. I'm not doing a room block since it will only be me and my husband to be, so I can't speak to that. As for Bay Bistro, I heard they are one of the best on the island, and they do beach BBQs which I have seen and they are super cute! Are you using the bougainvilleas or are you having them fly in different flowers for your bouquet? I kind had my heart set on white tulips or peonies, but I'm not sure I want to pay extra.
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    Turks and Caicos

    Hi Scurtin! When is your date? I'm getting married at the Gansevoort in August! Super excited. Unfortunately, I don't have any information about a DJ for you, but I would reach out to the Tropical Imaging people - they seem to really have a good grasp on all things wedding on the island! One word of caution - if you can find Karol's wedding planning blog she mentions that her dj was terrible and touted as a "celebrity dj" and she was very disappointed, so I would avoid him just to be safe haha good luck and fill me in with more details! I'm dying to know about everyone's plans!
  3. Kara mae - if you do a room block it will probably bring the rates down for your guests. Have you asked about that yet?
  4. Since my wedding is in August the room rates are much cheaper, I think cheapest starts at $500. There are more affordable options, but keep in mind that the Gansevoort is farther from the other resorts so your guests will need to cab it or get a shuttle for your wedding. We're still debating whether or not we're going to bring along our family & close friends. As of right now it's just the two of us and we're having an at-home reception in December (only time that works for us) Have you gone over ceremony set up with Dorell? I'm curious to see what all is included with our wedding package. I have a rough outline, but it's hard to tell. We're doing a phone consult with her this weekend though. What level room did you select for the two of you?
  5. Wow TWO Gansevoort brides? I've been having the hardest time finding anyone... when are your weddings? Mine is booked for August 10th. I haven't done a site visit, so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it's everything I hope it will be. Also just booked Sheque Perfection for hair (want to do my own makeup) and looking to book Brilliant for my photography. What size are your weddings? DETAILSS =) Victoria
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    Thanks ladies. I'll definitely check out the Island Brides forum.
  7. Hi all. My name is Victoria. I'm getting married August 2012 at Gansevoort in Turks & Caicos. I noticed there wasn't much info on here about that resort. Anyone else get married there or is getting married there? I could use all the advice & tips!!! I'm also still up in the air about it just being the two of us with an at-home reception or if we should invite our close friends & family. Help! Thanks and happy planning to all you brides-to-be! xx