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  1. I just heard back from my coordinator and she told me that any changes made to the package will not apply to our wedding since we booked it before the changes were made....hmmm
  2. Has anyone looked at the wedding packages lately? I was just looking at them and noticed that they added a few things, at least since I booked which was back in April. I'm doing the Classsic wedding package and saw that they added this -Marriage ceremony performed by a bilingual Secular Officiant.....what does that mean? Maybe we won't have to pay the outrageous fee of $600 just to have someone marry us? We planned on having a friend do it since we are just doing a symbolic wedding. So i'm about to hit the 6 month mark of our wedding, and its kinda making me nervous. I feel like there is so much to do and I haven't really done anything. I've got my dress and photographer booked, but now I feel like I'm just waiting for people to actually start booking then I can go from there, like gettting started on OOT bags and stuff. Summer brides, where are you at in the planning process?
  3. Our wedding photography is VERY important to us because it is the only way we will capture such a special event in our lives. And be able to look back on it years and years down the road. We are not the type of couple to take a lot of pictures of ourselves, or even have a lot of pictures up of the two of us around the house. We always find that the best pictures of us, are pictures that just catch us in the moment. There are many times when we are doing something fun and laughing and I wish that someone were taking pictures of us to capture that one moment. That is why when it comes to our wedding photographer we want someone that will capture the "story" of our special day. I want to be able to look back at the pictures and be able to feel the feeling I did on that day.
  4. Love your review! Makes me so excited for our wedding! It seems so far away but I know it will be here before I know it. One question, I noticed the star fish that lined the aisle for your ceremony...did you request those or was that just part of the standard set up?
  5. Let us know how the dress purchase goes. I've been looking at that site and looking up reviews. I really want to buy a dress from there but am so torn!
  6. Are you trying to email them to reserve a date? I just emailed Patricia Romero( patty.romero@realresorts.com). She was great at answering any questions I had before I put down my deposit. Once I did my deposit, she assigned me a wedding planner.
  7. So we are in the process of picking out a photographer. I feel like after booking our date and our hotel stay that should be our next priority. Did any of you book a room for the photographer? How did that work/turn out? Or just pay the vendor fee.
  8. Congrats! We are getting married in June 2013. We are also working with Wendy and she has been great!! We booked our room and our wedding package so now the serious planning begins!!
  9. kellygrrl, So glad to hear everything was awesome! I can't wait to see pictures! Thanks for the little tips. I can't wait to read your review
  10. I dont see why you wouldn't be eligible for the upgrade, but I really don't know. Are you using a TA or booking on your own? I've been in contact with Wendy from Wright Travel and she has just been absolutely amazing and so helpful. I'm really happy with the prices she has given us and she responds so quickly!
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