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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by flyingchild Marji I have a probably really lame question.... I noticed from your pictures that you had the white covered chairs...how did you guys like the chairs? Were they comfortable? Did the white covers look good and classy with the whole setting? I really like the Tiffany chairs but am not sure if they worth the extra money... Not lame! I am happy to answer questions since this forum helped me so much! We did not want to pay for upgraded chairs either so we decided to just see what we got. They are basic plastic outdoor chairs but not uncomfortabl
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by elk722 The seaside indoor is nice. We are having our reception there too and saw it in person on our site visit. They said everything can be taken out and you can use either round or rectangle tables, etc. We saw a reception set up at the Seaside Grill while we were there and it was gorgeous! Not sure if they had the inside set up too, since the restaurant has most seating outside and on the deck, but the outside looked stunning.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by stephandmarkDR Wow!! Congratulations you look stunning. Who did your photos? They look fab Xx Thank you! We used HDC per the reviews from this site. Charlie was the photographer and Carlos the videographer and everything turned out beautiful! I could not be happier with the photos and video!
  4. Hey ladies! We just returned from our wedding and it was absolutely amazing!! I was so stressed before getting there and wasn't getting responses from my WC Jenny but after arriving we met Jenny and Yanna and had Yanna for the wedding day. She was amazing and everything was perfect. The resort is beautiful and you have nothing to worry about! Let me know if you have any questions! I will try to post some pictures too. Marji
  5. I also have Jenny. I emailed her a week ago to discuss the final details and I have yet to hear back! Getting a little worried since I have a few more questions for her!
  6. Hi Steph! Congrats! Since I haven't gotten married yet, I can only answer one of your questions. Another bdw bride emailed me the ceremony that DLR uses. She said you can use that, add/remove/change anything or completely write your own and they will read it.
  7. Hi Lili! I agree that the resort does not contact you for a while after you make your deposit. I would suggest you choose your venues ASAP and get confirmation from the wedding planner. They do have multiple weddings per day so someone else could book the spot you were thinking! My wedding is coming closer (!!) on October 18th and I have not heard from them at all after I booked the locations months ago. From using this forum I'm not sure I expect Jenny to contact me at all, but I will be contacting her when I have my final guest count to ask a few questions and try and get a estimated p
  8. Congratulations Butterflies! Thanks for the review and all the pictures. You are beautiful and your wedding looks amazing!
  9. Is anything still available? I am interested in the clear ID holder, no bracelets. Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the timeline VancouverBride, that is very helpful. Our wedding is in October as well. We have scheduled a 4 pm ceremony and are not doing pictures before that (except getting ready photos). Hopefully we will have enough time for daylight photos!
  11. I am also wondering about lighting on the beach. We will be having dinner there as well. I saw one bride on here a few years ago with rope lights - does anyone know if we can bring rope lights or regular string lights to put on trees? I reserved our ceremony time at 4 pm but Jenny never asked for cocktail hour or dinner time yet. Does anyone have any suggestions on timeline?
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