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  1. Thank you so much for that info! Do you know if they had baby cereal there? I asked the concierge but she didn't seem to understand my question.
  2. Those flip flops are adorable! Love them!! Is anyone else traveling with a baby or am i the only one? I have a ton of questions about baby food etc. but the person I emailed at AS didn't give me straight answers. I have an AHR when I get back and my future MIL has decided to invite more people. So now we are 2 tabkes short, have to go out and find 2 more centerpieces, won't have enough favors, etc... Its going to be hard to enjoy our wedding and vacation with all this added stress.
  3. I need to vent here... I just found out today that my fiance's aunt is coming to the wedding on our actual wedding day. That's great and all, but she wanted to keep it a secret from us so we don't have an OOT bag for her! I leave on the 10th so there's no way I can whip one up for her in time. I feel really bad because I want her to have one. She's the kind of person who will be pissed if she's left out. And now we have to order 2 extra chairs at the wedding and bows etc. because we weren't planning on her and her boyfriend coming. The only reason I know about it now is because sunwing cancelled her original flight. We are having so many issues with Sunwing.
  4. I got my canvas totes at Michaels. They were in the kids craft section.
  5. I'm not actually done my OOT bags yet (and I leave on the 10th!!) but I'm going to put a list of useful Spanish words in everyone's bags- things like please, thank you, red wine, white wine, water, etc. I can see those being quite useful.
  6. Could I please please please have the spanish booklet? I can't download it. elocinwarrior@hotmail.com
  7. Thought I'd share this because I really like how it turned out. This is for our AHR. My MIL insisted on the makeup but I'm not too sure about it.
  8. We are doing this too. We're using a treasure chest to put the flip flops in. We even have itty bitty ones for the kids and toddlers.
  9. This is my tiara...although it hasn't arrived yet.
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