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  2. Soccer1615, you're almost there!! It's crunch time. Hopefully all your paperwork and everything is all set to go? Don't stress too much about the little details, remember - half the time people won't even notice the things we stress about!! Sherylh, I haven't had too hard of a time communicating with the WC at Dreams because I started early. Our wedding isn't until December, but I have all of the necessary things planned already. I have a few specifics with the decor, but I'm going to let Yanna for the most part do her thing. Esme84, thank you for the advice! I didn't think about it until I read through another forum on her to feed the photographer, then I figured I'd get some advice!! I've come to a stand still with planning. I am waiting on one more document to be apostilled, then will send everything to be translated. I am waiting on a design for one last favor then that will be complete. My step mom is busy at work making centerpieces and flowers. I ordered lanterns for the gazebo and sashes for the chairs. I got a thumbprint guest tree, it's awesome! I also got some things for a sand unity which I've got to work on. Invites are in the making! My dress comes next month! I already got my jewelry. I just have to get the groom's outfit and shoes and figure out what I'm going to do with my nails/hair. 5 months & 15 days Kelly
  3. Yay!!! I got my confirmation agreement yesterday! We are scheduled! 12.12.12 for sure! Planning is going well. We expected about 20 people and we are at 21 right now (including Bride & Groom). Got most of the decor and stuff for the wedding. I'm running out of planning to do and still have six months! Passport invites are next! Question! We booked HDC for photos. Is it tradition or a best gesture to feed the photographer? Or is that something normally that doesn't happen? Thanks guys! Hope everyones planning is going well! Adesir8-We are still waiting on your pix Kelly
  4. I got by a little easy on the STD's! My wedding is going to be while on a cruise...so the STD included the cruise information, but didn't need to include a specific resort quite yet! The STD's are out, people are booked on the cruise and now I'm pricing out resorts for where the ship stops. The invitations will go out in a couple months when I've confirmed the resort! Our wedding date is 12.12.12.
  5. Hey LTLFAITHY! I live in Arizona also We are doing our destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, which we are expecting about 20-25 guests. Then when we get back we are doing a reception at Dolce Salon & Spa in Glendale, Arizona. That seemed to help with expenses a little! My FI's mom is doing the reception in AZ for us, but thats a thought!
  6. No Hobby Lobby around you?! Poor thing! Hobby Lobby is the best place in the world! LOL. Barefoot jewelry looks good, my stepmom is really into jewelry making so she is going to do mine
  7. Those bags are stuffed full! I am debating on whether to do OOT bags or not, they seem like such a great idea, but may add up quickly!
  8. The mini bottle for sand is such a wonderful idea! We are getting married in the DR and were thinking about adding some sand from there to our sand unity, but this is a perfect way for people to remember our wedding!
  9. We are getting married in the DR also! Love your ideas! The starfish charms are sooo cute!
  10. Hey Kkimi88: I'm in the same boat as you! Initially I sent the contract for my date on 04.13.12, then finally on 05.10.12 received an email from Yanna saying that I forgot my CC and DL copies. Sent that info on 05.10.12, now we are on 05.22.12 and still haven't received a confirmation or had my CC charged.
  11. Hey Adesir8! That's great that there is confirmation it's beautiful! Did you take any pictures?? You said your date is 6months away, when are you getting married? We are 12.12.12.
  12. @Clare-Marie: Thanks for the offer and extended help, however I am here in the USA. @Soccer1615: The ceremony with your grandparents looks so emotional! I'm glad it was a success, you & your hubby look beautiful! I sent Yanna the information on Friday to reserve our date, 12.12.12 I am started the paperwork process today by ordering certified copies of birth certificates & divorce decree to have an extra - just in case (they keep them). Our wedding is going to be a little different at Dreams - we are coming to the resort via cruise ship and we are only there from 10am-6pm. Does anyone have any recommendations for a taxi/limo company that we can use? I need a bus (to transport about 20) and then a limo (for my dad and I)? Thanks ladies!! Congrats to all of those who are newlyweds and all of you that are going to be just around the corner!!
  13. Wow SOCCER1615!!!!! Those are absolutely amazing!!!! You did such a wonderful job!!!! Can you guys help me through the paperwork piece of things and how much it's going to cost? I think I have to send the paperwork to the Dominican consulate to get verified and apostilled then send to WEDO to get translated?? Anyone have any feedback on that??
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